Happy Avocado!

This is another recipe from Tania, a raw food lover, Tantrika and follower of Sarita’s work, based in London. This treat goes well with raw crackers.

Tania says: “Me and avocado…it has been a long affair that only gets better with time. Basically this was originally a recipe with avocado and Hijiki and sometimes Arame. The red and juiciness of tomatoes brought a bit of passion to this dish. Add fresh chopped chillies to the dressing if you like a bit of heat.”

Serves 1

Half avocado sliced (or in cubes – if you are making it for more people you can serve it on a bowl)
Half tomato chopped in little cubes
Hijiki (Soak it in boiling water for 10 min in summer; in winter 30 min)
2 thin asparagus cut small any way you like

DRESSING (Mix it all and pour over your salad)

Half lemon or lime
1 tsp of barley miso (miso’s salty so no need for extra salt)
Extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp
1 tsp of boiling water

“You can place your ingredients on a plate and decorate as you like. Look at the picture. Or you can put all the ingredients on a bowl and gently mix it with a fork to avoid mashing the avocado and tomatoes.”

Tania is a former chef who now specialises in raw and wholefoods. She is available to cater for parties and retreats. email her to find out more.

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