2012 & the Great Law of Magic Webinar

Manifesting your desires and consciously creating your life were the subject of Sarita’s webinar yesterday evening. We had 93 participants on the webinar from all round the world (people from 31 different countries registered!).

Sarita introduced the 12 Facets of Tantra and the meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which form the core of her teachings. She explored one particular facet – Knowledge – and explained the beautiful sutra “With your entire consciousness in the very start of desire, of knowing, know.” (pg. 1056 in the Book of Secrets by Osho). This sutra was talked about by Osho who called it The Great Law of Magic – you can read more in his book “My Way, The Way of the White Clouds”.

Sarita lead us thro an exercise in identifying our desires and applying The Great Law of Magic to make them manifest. This is a really powerful method and can help banish the ego! We’d love to hear your feedback when you practice it!
This exercise/meditation is one of 26 meditations included in Sarita’s Vigyan Bhairav Tantra online video course which covers the 12 facets of Tantra. During the webinar, Sarita offered participants a 50% discount on the course subscription of 6 months – so that you pay US$60 instead of the normal price of US$120. This offer is available until 31 January. You can subscribe to the online course here and use the discount coupon code 7ren2953

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Also on the webinar, Sarita introduced her new team of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra event facilitators who will be offering short workshops around the world where participants can be guided through the meditations in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra online course. S0 far we have facilitators in the UK (London and Bristol), India, Greece and the USA. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please email Sidika for more information. We will be putting up more details on this shortly, but in the mean time, anyone in Pune, India might like to contact Sw Anahat who will be running a workshop on 1 February.

There were lots of questions asked by participants during the webinar. We didn’t have time for Sarita to answer all of them, so please feel free to add them as Comments here or on Sarita’s Facebook Page.

For anyone who missed the live webinar, you can download the replay here or you can see the slides here and download the audio here (coming later if I can manage it).

Here’s a comment from two of the participants from yesterday:

” Beloved Sarita!****
Thank you so much for yesterday’s web seminar about Great Law of Magic! It was very interesting and useful!!! It was so wonderful to feel your loving space!:)
Your teachings and spiritual transmission gives us a huge inspirations, transformation and blessings. Our life are growing and changing everyday and becomes so joyful and divine! Thank you so much for that! We are so happy we met you!
All the best
Lots of Love from us both!!!!!!!!!Love you!
A. and R. ”

Please feel free to add your comments below!

If you missed the original invitation, here it is:

In celebration and preparation for the major shifts in energy and consciousness happening in 2012, I’m offering a special webinar on the subject of THE GREAT LAW OF MAGIC. As well as the amazing things happening in this new dawn, you’ve probably noticed that personal, social and environmental challenges are presenting themselves at an increasing rate. And side by side, we have flashes of inspiration as to what we can become or how the planet can transform.

Many people are searching how to become empowered financially, creatively and physically in this auspicious year of 2012. In Tantra, we use desire to move into the very essence of where our desire is trying to brings us. This frees up a huge amount of trapped energy. As long as we are stuck in the ‘wanting and feeling that we don’t have’ syndrome, we are on a treadmill that never ends. You could call it the mirage effect, chasing shadows in the mind.

To dive into the subject of the Great Law of Magic, we will be using one of the Sutras from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (an ancient Tantric text) as a portal. This sutra is one of the ones covered in my online VBT course. “With your entire consciousness in the very start of desire, of knowing, know.”

We will explore the meaning together – I will lead you through a powerful technique to help you apply the Great Law of Magic on a practical level so please have a pen and paper ready. There will be time afterwards for feedback and Questions and Answers.

In 2012, as part of this powerful shift of consciousness that is happening on the planet, it is important that we keep nurturing that which will serve our highest good and the highest good of all beings. And the good news is that you can serve the highest good, while still enjoying your life, finding that ease and relaxation you may be longing for. I look forward to sharing this wonderful technique with you, and discovering together a new dawn of love and consciousness.

Love Sarita

Note from Sidika

If you have any problems registering or any other queries, please email me. Your registration and reminder emails will come from my friend Ian Raven!

I have attempted to set up a system where you can get a text reminder before the webinar if you wish. You will also get an email reminder but please join the webinar at least 10 minutes early to ensure you get a place as we have a maximum of 100 people who can join.
There is also the option to join the call via telephone if you can’t login via Gotowebinar – you will see the details on your registration confirmation email – I will post the Audio PIN on Sarita’s Facebook Page at the start of the webinar.
During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions via the chat box. If you have a headset with microphone you might also have the chance to ask a question ‘on air’!

Looking forward to seeing you there!




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