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Beloved Sarita!

I have a problem – I have not had a relationship or any permanent connection that would include sex and friendship and love together, and its been this way my whole life. I have had so many lovers but it never lasted. And I really feel that I need to explore my sexuality more with one permanent partner whom I can trust. So I stopped sleeping around and I ended up not having any sex, no lovers and hardly any attention from men at all. And I’m 24 years old and I’m an attractive woman.

I really don’t understand what is the mistake that I cannot see or what to do about it. Men who I fancy sometimes are not available for this or that reason.

I’m feeling as if I’m doomed to stay like this without good sex and intimacy with truthfulness and sincerity my whole life. I just cannot compromise with the quality of the man and with the quality of the connection. After I tasted how it can be when the love is there, when godliness is there I cannot date men who are not in love with me deeply. So I’m so sexually frustrated!

With lots of love



Hello Pushpa,

There is a woman friend of mine who does sessions to help finding a soul mate. Her name is Siobhan. She is very gifted in this. And my sister Madhuri does human design readings. If you meet someone and you are wondering if they are the right person for you, it is great to have a human design session to find out how the configuration works, what are the gifts and what are the challenges of the potential relationship.

Now, because of the planetary shift, people are not willing to compromise and put up with ways of relating that don’t serve their soul calling. Also, things are evolving very rapidly. People are living several lifetimes in one. Because everything is moving so quickly, relationships are lived through more quickly also. Some relationships are karmic and once the karma is completed, the relationship ends.

Osho has described the ideal relationship as being based on friendliness. It is good to go deeply into relationship with someone, and it is also good to explore other facets of love and relating. In this way, you become rich in experience. A good place to meet people of like mind who may be open to going deeper, is to come to Tantra groups. Also, there is a dating site called Sensual Spirit run by my friends Kavida and Roland. They also hold Sensual Soirees once a month in London. Check it out!

Love and Blessings,


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