In Profile: Beauty

A brief In Profile this month. We feature some inspiring words from Lucy and Siobhan, who have both worked with Sarita on her style and beauty, on how looking good affects our inner world.

“Some colours can make us look pale, sallow and needing some make-up or sun, while other shades reflect the light of our natural colouring into the face and make us look healthy and glowing, even in the Winter!

How we dress is a very personal thing. It reflects our lifestyle and identity, and expresses how we feel about ourselves. It is about bringing harmony and balance between the colours and styles you wear and your natural features – your colouring and shape, your personality and inner essence.

Wearing certain colours and styles brings out certain qualities of our inner being. When we see our inner self reflected in what we are wearing, self-esteem is a natural result. Then we start to feel beautiful from the inside.”

Lucy teaches Tantra for women and offers style and colour consultations for men and women. Email her to find out more.

“I encourage all women to be inspired to look and feel their most beautiful.

If you can recognise, connect and honour your inner and outer Goddess, then true beauty will exist.

My aim is to help women to feel and look truly beautiful on every level.”

Siobhan is a holistic beauty therapist, healer and life coach and can offer advice on what natural organic beauty products to use. Email her to find out more.

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