Sex and Chocolate

Raw chocolate expert Soham gives us the low down on why the eating the magical cacao bean is such a turn on.

The magical cacao bean in its purest form

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, most of us are turning our interest to love and chocolate. Chocolate is considered as an aphrodisiac and is often the gift of love. In South America the cacao bean was revered as one of the most important foods of all time. Ancient Mayans knew the secrets and the valuable properties of the cacao. It was so prized that at one point, the beans were even used as a currency. Around the late 15th Century, Christopher Columbus returned back to Europe from his voyages and introduced cacao to Europe. Since then, cacao has be explored and developed into various forms of chocolate culinary delights and has remained as one of the best loved foods to date.

When one enjoys a piece of chocolate, mood elevators such as Theobromine and other alkaloids like Phenylethylamine and Seratonin are released into the brain. As a result, we feel relaxed and the feelings of love and euphoria become enhanced. We feel as if we’re falling in love and sexually aroused, so it is no wonder that chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac!

Not only do we feel good when we eat chocolate, but the benefits of the cacao bean give us many more reasons to indulge in it! In recent times, scientists have discovered that cacao is rich in antioxidants. These help with neutralizing free radicals in the body, and as a result we slow down the ageing process. It can also help with treating various types of heart conditions, sustain one’s energy and give stamina.

Food of the Gods – Yummy Me raw chocolate

In its natural and original form, the raw bean is bitter and unpalatable to many. The Mayans preferred the taste of the cacao in its natural form, thereby retaining its amazing properties. However to enjoy chocolate in Europe, the process was ‘tampered’ with, to suit the taste-buds of the unaccustomed. Since that time, our fondest gift from nature, ‘Food of the Gods’, as it was known, lost its original essence. Today, with the commercialization of chocolate products, these processes render little of the vast nutritive value of the cacao bean. For increased productivity, the trees have been modified genetically to increase the yield. This results in a deficiency in the potency of alkaloids and antioxidants from sub quality beans. Commercial chocolate also contains diluted milk solids, soy based additives, refined sugar, and preservatives. The beans are processed at high temperatures. All these things compromise the taste and deliver little to no overall benefits.

There has been a recent resurgence of enjoying raw cacao. With science backing the benefits of it, many companies have sprung up to provide chocolate lovers a healthier and more natural alternative. One such company is Yummy Me! Chocolates. Launched on 31st January, the chocolate range was designed to cater to a wide audience.  There are nine flavours of these yummy chocolates, with each flavour resonating to a particular intent. These intentions lie within each of us. As our bodies are being nourished by these chocolates, so are our souls. The chocolates are made in small batches and wrapped lovingly and individually, with a special message within each one.

Two years ago, as an avid foodie, I decided to play with chocolate, making it for friends and family. As a therapist and teacher, I thought it would be a good idea to combine food with my work. I wanted to spread love through food, and chocolate is the perfect medium. Eight of the nine flavours reflect aspects of my own personal journey back to self love and bliss. The ninth flavour was for celebrating and sharing with others. The selected nine flavours each have a unique blend of ingredients, creating a mélange of tastes that would enable anyone to easily find a favourite, if not several. As the chocolates are raw, only modest amounts are needed for one to feel quite satiated, alive and complete.

All chocolates are made with natural ingredients from fairly traded and sustainable companies from all over the world. The chocolates are made below 40 degrees C, preserving the potent nutritive value of the raw cacao bean. Find out more about Yummy Me! Chocolates.

Orders may be placed directly to me, Soham. All chocolates costs £3.00 each. Please note that shipping is extra.

Love and chocolate bliss,

Ma Prem Soham (aka Qiming Wuu)

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