Tantric Tips: Soul Mate

How can you find your soul mate? There are many different ways, but here are three that Sarita recommends – online deep dating, human design and coaching.

Sensual Spirit is a dating site for people wanting more depth than the average internet chat room can provide! Co-founder Kavida Rei talks about how all kinds of beautiful relationships can start online.

Human Design is a wonderful system for understanding how you function in the world, how it works for you to take decisions and how you are in relationships. If you are with a partner or lover and wondering whether this person is your soul mate, a human design reading can help show where you are compatible and the challenges you face in your relationship. Sarita’s sister Madhuri does these readings by Skype. Email her to find out more.

How do you call in your soul mate? What actions can you take? How do you recognise them when they appear? Sarita’s friend Siobhan two unique and ritual coaching sessions will help guide you through blockages and patterns that have prevented you from finding and staying with your true love. “Once you begin the magic will happen”. Email her to find out more. She is based in King’s Langley, just north of London.

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