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I came to learn about Sarita’s Tantra teachings in 2002. I was in England with my family on holiday from Vancouver, Canada, and met a woman at a Salsa Club.


There were many gorgeous women on the floor, but somehow the one I decided to approach was Kavida Rei.  I took an instant liking to her.  She had a beautiful warm, feminine energy about her, unlike most of the women who were there.  She seemed to exude an open and confident presence about her.  As we spoke, she mentioned the word “Tantra”, and immediately my ears perked up.  I had been looking for a Tantra teacher for about three and a half years!  Previous to that, I had immersed myself into Hawaiian Shamanism for almost four years, healing a difficult past.

From there, I gradually received the calling to  study Tantra.  The whole idea of sex and sexuality was foreign and daunting to me.  It was not something I would discuss, except in a superficial, lighthearted, joking manner.  I was clear that I had to work with just the right teacher.  Meanwhile, I indulged in Salsa Dancing, using it as a means to explore my feminine side and the self study with books.

Kavida and I exchanged phone numbers as we had decided to swap a massage session.  She lent me the book, “Tantric Love” that Sarita and Geho (Saraita’s ex-partner who she founded the School of Awakening with) had written, and ten pages into the book, I knew that I had found my teachers. I got back to Vancouver, with great excitement, and announced to the man that I had just started going out with, Gordon, that I was planning on going back to the UK to study Tantra.  With no expectations, I casually invited him to join me and to my surprise, he took up the offer.

The following year, we came along to our first Tantra group, a Singles training.  It was such a memorable time for me.  I had never done anything like it and was greatly humbled!  Sarita and Geho, the two most favourite people of my life, created a sacred space in the groups that gave me complete ease to drop into any of the processes with little apprehension.  (This no easy feat for me, coming from a culturally repressed and strongly religious conditioning.) With deep gratitude and appreciation, it is they whom I hold in the highest regard, as my mentors, giving me passage to fully realizing my greatest potential as a therapist, a teacher and a human being.

Working as a therapist, my aspiration was always to assist others in coming back to their essential nature as quickly as possible.  Whilst under the tutorage of Sarita, I was delighted and intrigued to be introduced to some of the most powerful methods to bring a person back to a state of well being and balance, quickly.  These methods were aligned with my vision.  I went on to train in Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon, and Angelic Reiki, alongside my Tantra training.

In 2004, still living in Canada, I did my first Tachyon training known as the Quality of One (the course has since evolved to what is now known as Vertical Reality).  This powerful training moved me along my journey very quickly.  The course work is enhanced greatly by wearing a powerful pendant.  This pendant creates a constant flow of energy from Source, hence I found myself cycling through my fears and apprehensions, the issues I had been working on for some time, which held me back from moving along my career path, effectively.  I made decisions with more clarity and greater confidence.

In May of that year, I started my Colour Light Therapy training. Due to distance and financial reasons, my intention was only to do the introduction and module one of the training.  I was still commuting from Canada.  After a profound breakthrough in the first module training, known as the Prenatals.  I felt compelled to take on the rest of the training sooner than later.  Using the combination of the colour and light gave me the depth of healing on a cellular level that was so insightful, that I was not going to stop now! (It was as if I was doing a proper Spring Clean for the first time!)  I came to understand how the events of my life, until that point, was a culmination of struggle that I had created and manifested for my soul’s learning in this lifetime.  The Huna work helped me to clear on a mental and emotional level and the Colour Light took me to another level.  By August of that year, I gave up my apartment in Vancouver and moved to London.  A couple of years later, I was introduced to Angelic Reiki by a colleague at the School.

As a once Usui Reiki Master and one who had already established that Divine Beings are always looking out for and working with me, I decided that the training would enhance what I already knew.  After doing the first two levels, I found that my connection to these Divine Beings became much stronger.  I felt more secure in my connection to them and sense their presence more extensively in my work.  I had believed that I was more of a visual type of person, with less kinesthetic ability, and strangely enough, after doing the courses, I now have the capability of being much more kinesthetic.  These Divine Beings help me greatly in my work.  I often feel their love when they come around, and for me it is as if my best and wisest friends are there to support and to help me carry through the task at hand.  I call upon them to assist me in almost every facet of my life.  I love the simplicity of working this system.  Having received many benefits from the work, I now teach Reiki only in the form of Angelic Reiki.

From my own personal journey, I have received enormous benefits beyond measure, since working with Sarita.  I am grateful to all who have helped me on my journey and to have these amazing tools, as part of my repertoire for working with others.  It is now an honour for me to help another to accelerate on their  journey through life.  What joy it is, for me, to see another lit up, feeling the fullness of love, bliss and living life full out!  Namaste!

Soham teaches Tantra, and with Sarita, Tantac – Tantra and Tachyon combined. She is a Tachyon Product Specialist and offers sessions of Colour Light Therapy and Angelic Reiki, and teaches those workshops. She also loves raw food and nutrition, and sells delicious and healthy raw chocolates called Yummy Me!

Email Soham (also known as Qiming), see Yummy Me or her healing website.

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