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I am going to share my theory about the human spirit. In a nutshell, the more evolved a species is, such as the human being or dolphin, the more we are devoted to play and celebration of life. I believe that as we re-attune ourselves to cosmic laws, we will discover that in actual fact, we are created for living a very blissful and love-filled life. If we are not doing so, it it is only because we have been forcibly programmed to seek out seriousness, dullness and obedience rather than following our true nature. The clues to prove my theory are all around us in abundance.

One of the main clues is to watch young children, before the programmes have been installed. Love, joy and natural kindness radiates effortlessly from the baby and young child. This is because they are still living in the state which is at the very heart of being human. If humans grow up to be cold hearted, serious, mean and cruel, it is only because there has been a very heavy series of unnatural events and shocks which have forced the person into that mold. This unnatural state of being can be unwound, healed and the river of joy can flow again, given the right circumstances. It is rather like a garden. If the garden is forced to survive in desert like conditions, without proper nutrients, it will have a hard time to thrive. If the same plants are tended to lovingly, with the right soil, sun, water and air, they will become abundantly lush and verdant.

A very ancient form of lotus seed in Japan was found and planted after 1000 years (pictured left). It bloomed in all its magnificence. The question is: how long do we have to wait before we allow ourselves the right soil and climate to bloom?

I see around the world that the times people allow their true nature to peep out, is during holiday or festival periods. At such times, you see people walking in parks, or in other natural settings, laughing, dancing and playing. Time and time again, I have heard people say after a holiday or a Tantra retreat, “and now I have to go back to the ‘real world.'”  I look at them in amazement. They have been in the ‘real world’ and are about to go back into an unreal world, where seriousness rules.

It is time to turn the tables! One example of where this is happening already is in Bhutan, where instead of ‘gross national income’ they measure their success in government through ‘gross national happiness.’ If you think about it, you may realise that the only way the destructive power elite is successful is because they rule through seriousness, fear, intimidation and violence. When we buy into this style of communication and life, we are like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, mesmerised and frozen.

Occupy Atlanta members celebrating

Serious people lose all their power in the face of celebration and love. They do not understand the language of the heart. Or I should say, they have forgotten this language. Perhaps their heart is like that 1000 year old lotus seed, just waiting for the right soil to bloom. In the last six months, many people have joined the Occupy movement, rebelling against the monetary corruption which has been enslaving economics throughout the world. It is important that any movement towards a new world should have at its centre love, joy, sense of humour and celebration. If you rebel in the spirit of seriousness and fear, you will fall into the same trap that has been perpetuated for centuries. Profound transformation will come when we embrace our true human nature of love and celebration.

The more we can dance in the streets, hug each other, and experience life itself as a festival of love and joy, the sooner we will know the fullness of our human potential. I believe this potential is nothing less than paradise on earth. This magnificent earth has all the potential to be a garden of love. It simply needs right stewardship. We are here to be custodians of our resources, custodians of love.

A good way to practise this lifestyle is in festivals, where groups of people get together to explore and exchange new and creative ways of being, in a lighthearted and playful ambiance. Another good way is in personal development groups, particularly groups which emphasise bliss. I look forward to an amazing summer festival season, in celebration of the true spirit of being human.

Love Sarita

Photo of Lotus by Champaka Yoshie

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