In Profile: Tantra Renaissance

The Tantra Essence Tantra Team talk about their experience of the Tantra Renaissance in the UK and Europe, with views from Suta, Roxana and Kiran and Niten.



There seems to be a proliferation of new and up coming teachers in the UK, many more in the last two years than previously, as well as many practitioners of Tantric massage and healing.

Internationally, working in countries such as Latvia, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland, I’ve seen a rapid development of workshops and courses to meet a great thirst for deep transformational teachings. In most countries there seems to be at least some Tantra going on before we go there but we often find that people are very grateful to receive a new perspective or greater depth and breadth to the work.

What I notice in these countries is that there’s a greater emphasis on sexuality and a readiness to go into that aspect of life in particular. The conditioning around sexuality is different to the UK and there is a greater acceptance of us being sexual beings. I think the people there are often relieved to have a different perspective and the integration of sex, love and spirit that Tantra Essence brings.

Roxana and Kiran

Kiran and Roxana

Kiran – Tantra is taking off in Eastern Europe in particular – places such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. We are teaching a couples level one in Poland in November which hasn’t even been advertised and has 15 couples booked already! People seem to get it more quickly because we are all connected on a subconscious level. We are all swimming in the same water and that water has been warmed up by those who went before. The people before have lead the way so people new to Tantra now can change much more quickly and easily.

Roxana – There’s been a gradual raising of consciousness around spirituality and sexuality since the 60s – that was the first wave and 2012 is the second wave. In the 60s there was a lot of focus on personal freedom which was one phase of emancipation. The freedom we are really aching for is a much broader and deeper freedom. Tantra meets that need for deeper freedom. First we sought freedom from the structures of society. Now we want a personal freedom from own inner structures. The whole New Age movement is also part of this awakening and fertilising the ground for Tantra. My jaw hits the ground at how deep and how quickly people are growing. It feels there’s a morphic field been created by the first people who did this work. The work we do affects the whole human family. The people coming in now learn at least twice as quick if not more, that’s my sense.


Niten with his beloved and co-teacher Santoshi

The western culture has moved from crowd consciousness to individual consciousness. In this process of learning how to be an integrated, whole individual, Tantra is opening the doors to the liberation of the individual as it honours deeply and fully each man and woman, regardless of their belief system. Another aspect revolves around sex, which has been freed to some extent for half a century, yet, still largely unknown. Tantra offers a profound understanding of how sexual energy can be used for self empowerment as well as health and longevity. This is critical in a society where a large portion of modern diseases can be traced back to sexual dysfunction.

In the last four years I have been facilitating Tantra courses and I have noticed people’s motives are increasingly becoming more and more inclined to REALLY look at their present condition, open sincerely to healing past wounds and open wholeheartedly to their authentic self. I have also noticed the urge for people to share with others from a space of transparency, love, awareness and acceptance. Santoshi and I mostly seem to attract a young audience, average 30 to 35 years old. Professions seem to be diverse, from all walks of life, from beginners to advanced.

Often in our groups, Santoshi and I are overwhelmed by the “quality” of silence and stillness as well as the totality of participants. Yes, people are definitely receptive to most of the processes that being offered as well as deeply touched in their body, heart and soul. We’ve witnessed short courses where people dived in very fast, showing total trust and surrender to the processes.

It definitely feels like another Tantra Renaissance (the last one was around 900 years ago in India!).

Tantra is bound to spread wide and far in today’s modern society as we are embracing the return of the feminine. Mankind comes from a long history of dysfunctional relationship between the masculine and feminine principle. Both have been abused down the ages, therefore, creating a severe imbalance in the world and in the human psyche. Everything in nature eventually comes into a state of equilibrium. Now is the time for balance between masculine and feminine and Tantra is at the very centre of this wholly vision.

At the very core of the Tantric attitude dwells an open, adventurous heart which does not deny any more opposites, but rather, dares to find love and freedom in all opposites of life. What we are witnessing today in the world on a large scale is the declaration that there is potentiality for darkness to dissolve into light and for light to deeply embrace darkness.

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