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Our society is ripe for a Tantra Renaissance – Sarita explains why the time is right for us to live Tantrically, realise our genius and become fully human.

“There is a brotherhood of Tantriks waiting to be brought to life. This brotherhood will awaken as the end of the Kali Age approaches (this is the time we are in now). Recognizing the potent female principle of life, the brotherhood will transform this polluted world. Then, at the ecstatic moment when one age transforms into the next, those faithful followers of the selfless path will reach their goal.”
Prediction from the Kaula Tantra Scripture, India

Shiva lingam

The Shiva-Linga represents the balance of male and female

In our Western world, this is the first time we are opening to a Renaissance of Tantra. For the past 2000 or so, patriarchy has dominated our world. Before that, matriarchy was the dominant force. Both of these extremes abused power. Now, for the first time, we have the opportunity of finding our way to a balance of the masculine and feminine. This is what a Tantra lifestyle is all about. Our society is ripe and ready for such a shift. In our recent history, we have explored extreme macho, the sexual revolution, women’s liberation, gay liberation, extreme porno, BDSM, and everything in between.

Divorce is on the rise, as are new models of relationship. And yet, something seems to be missing, no matter how much experimentation takes place. If I may be so bold, I would like to propose that what is missing in all this experimentation, is meditation. And what do I mean by meditation in this context? Meditation in relationship is to bring love and awareness to the act of sex, or to the art of communication, or to the emotional aspects of sexual relationship.

It is interesting that ordinary society feels at ease with many previously taboo subjects being launched onto the world stage, anything from tatoos, to porn, to fetish, to prostitution, and yet the word Tantra is still met with reactions of fear and disgust. I say the ‘word’, because when people have a taste of the experience of Tantra, they feel very differently about it. I believe Tantra is still regarded with fear because it actually transforms a person. It liberates a person from all conditioning rather than re-conditioning him. A Tantrika becomes balanced, blissful, innocent, wild and alive. Such a person cannot be controlled and is therefore considered to be dangerous to society. As Osho used to say, “all you have to lose is your chains.”

Shri Indra statue from 13th century India

The last Rennaissance of Tantra happened in India between 800—1400 AD. That period gave rise to sublime art and architecture, and scriptures holding the keys to human genius. A culture where men and women learned to live in harmony as happened in that era, is a culture we need to study. We need to apply their secrets to our society.

If I could name their secret in a nut-shell it would be as follows:

Help women to celebrate their feminine nature, cultivating innate feminine qualities such as love, nurturing , intuition, sensuality, emotional fluidity, and devotion. Help men to realise their masculinity through the cultivation of sexual arts, awareness, presence, power, creativity, appreciation of beauty, and vulnerability. As men and women meet through the practice of Tantra meditation methods, a sublime realisation of the creation principle is awakened. By having such a blissful experience, the need for drugs and other unconscious behaviour patterns drops away. The desire to love and nurture life is rekindled. We become at last, truly human.

This quote from Osho sums it up beautifully:

Tantric lovers

“Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centres can start meeting. Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soul mates. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates. It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there unused. The day humanity uses it, the earth will become aglow with a new love.”
Osho, from Philosophia Perinnis Vol. 1

People imagine that a society of Tantrikas will be a society full of lust. In fact it is the exact opposite. A society as we have today, is a society in reaction to sexual repression, and is in the throws of hyper expressions of lust and greed. When we get tired of this, then Tantra will be able to take centre stage in our lives. In a society of Tantra, people discover their natural state of innocence, lovingness, celebration, and juiciness. Tantrikas are not repressed, and therefore have nothing to react against. We are simply open, with nothing to hide and can therefore rejoice.

The Tantra community happening at a group in Lithuania

I see very clearly that a Tantra society is trying to get born. I can say this with authority, because I see such an environment in Tantra groups. If it is possible for 40 people in a group to have a deeply loving and empowering community experience, then it is possible for the whole of humanity.

Tantra is gaining momentum in the world. At the time of writing, I just completed an amazingly beautiful and joyous Osho Tantra Festival in the UK. In a few days, I will be going to a Tantra Holiday group in Turkey. After that, I will be going to Lithuania, and then to a Tantra Festival in France. In August, there is a Tantra Festival in Sweden. And that is just my work. Forteen years ago, when I first began teaching in the UK, there was only one main Tantra teacher. Now there are at least 40. And in many other countries, this same rate of growth is happening. Tantra is experiencing the mushroom effect. Soon, we will have the 100th monkey effect.

It is interesting that this time, the renaissance of Tantra is happening in the West, and making it’s way back to India and China from the West. I find this turn of events fascinating. When I go to India every year, there is more and more interest in Tantra each time. India used to be a sexually and spiritually awakened country. It lost that balance a long time ago. When I offer Indians a taste of their ancient heritage through Tantra, they come to me with tears of gratitude in their eyes, thanking me for bringing them back their dignity as the cradle for spiritual genius. The Tantra vision, is indeed genius. It offers us easy to follow recipes for inner and outer ecstasy, freedom, love and harmony. What else is more important in life?

Love Sarita

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