Tantric Tips: Passion

Devaraj of the Osho Leela community in Dorset and Tantra Team member Roxana lead workshops on awakening passion. These are their top tips to help you find and live your passionate side more fully.

  • Practise finding out what your heart is saying right now and taking notice, maybe sharing it with a friend. Our organs actually have their own thoughts. Scientists have found this out in the last decade. Focus gently on your heart or the centre of your chest, breath in white light deep into your heartspace and then just see if there are some words that come about something that’s going on for you right now – speak them aloud to yourself. Integrate this into your perspective.
  • Recognize what lights you up and create space for it. We spend a lot of time focusing on humdrum stuff of life that we think we absolutely have to do. Often we take it for granted that we can’t just go for our passion. Change the way you create priorities in your life. Of course, there are important things that need doing, but passion is your core and it’s essential to your happiness and fulfilment to make time for this and to act on it. Try making a list of what turns you on and commit to giving these things your time, energy and love.
  • Become familiar with your stories. All of us have “stories” – internal justifications why we can’t have something or can’t move forwards towards a goal. Become familiar with your stories. Share them, work with them, check them out to see how true they are in reality. In so doing you will start to create some space between yourself and these stories. Your mind will become more focused on finding solutions rather than reinforcing blocks.
  • Learn to recognize when you’re getting in a rut and be aware of what you need to change it. This is very important. As humans we all get stuck, locked into a repetitive pattern of mental activity, which becomes a daily cycle. Change it! Break out! Do Dynamic Meditation! Do something, which shakes you up and allows you to contact and express whatever is underneath. Catharsis liberates because mental cycles usually follow from unexpressed emotions. Every now and again we all need to scream! It’s healthy.

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