Tantric Tips: Goddess Nature

Sarita reveals her secrets to creating and embracing a goddess lifestyle. From facials to meditation to taking care of the planet, there are many ways to express your goddess nature!

1) Take care of your body as a precious embodiment of the divine. Receive a facial each six weeks. Receive regular massage. Practice feminine style yoga or other forms of exercise, which enhance sensuality. Eat vibrant living healthy food, the more greens the better. Dance and celebrate your beauty in every way possible.
2) Explore Tantra and Tantric sexual practices. The more orgasmic you can be on all levels, the more you can experience being a conduit for the divine to flow through you.
3) Allow your creativity to flow and be expressed. A woman is naturally a birth giver. Each creative act is a form of giving birth. The highest form of creativity happens when you allow cosmic consciousness to flow through you as a visible form of the Goddess.
4) Nurture nature. Human beings have been placed on this earth to be custodians and caregivers of this beautiful planet. As cognitive beings, we carry the responsibility to co-create a paradise on earth, working in harmony with natural forces and for the benefit of all living beings.
5) Practice healing arts. Each woman is hardwired to care for her baby, and by default, for all living beings. Healing in all it’s varied forms is an invitation to the receiver to discover wholeness of body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. When all these facets of being are in tune with each other, the result is bliss. Helping people to return to a state of bliss is a natural ability in women, which just needs a little cultivation to be activated. Learn any healing art to jump-start your innate healing ability.
6) Care for your home as a temple. The environment we live in is an outer expression of our inner self. Look around your home and check how you are being mirrored through this outer expression of yourself. Are you in harmony? Is your inner being in a state of clutter? Do you have a special place for worship and meditation? Do you have a place for Tantric explorations? What kind of food is in your fridge and cupboards? Do you love yourself enough to live in a temple of love? If what you see around you is unsatisfactory, hire a cleaner and de-clutter expert, and go on throwing out, scrubbing, cleaning and reorganizing till you have a spotless temple of love to live in. Your inner being will thank you for this!
7) Dress as a Goddess. Love yourself enough to decorate your beautiful body with clothes worthy of a Goddess. You deserve to celebrate being alive, honouring your femininity. If you feel lost with this concept, go to a Colour Me Beautiful session, and learn the best way for your unique colouring and body type to be dressed.
8) Develop your psychic abilities. Every woman is a witch at heart. The original meaning of witch is ‘wise woman.’ Jealous priests who wanted to take over the business offered by the wise women twisted this meaning. Each village had it’s own wise woman who took care of the sick, helped women to give birth, and gave counselling and care to people who were disturbed or unhappy. Part of this art, includes the awakening and opening of the third eye, which is an innate talent each woman carries within. Learn Tarot reading, chakra balancing, palm reading, past life regression, or other psychic opening arts.
9) Learn emotional release. The more fluid you become with your emotional waves, the easier it will be to be a balanced loving mother. When we carry repressed emotions and unfinished entanglements from the past, these automatically get projected on our children, whether we want to or not. The subconscious rules our actions, so we need to do our homework of clearing the subconscious, bringing light and air to each and every dark corner of our being. Future generations will thank you!
10) Celebrate Life! Life is a festival! Find as many excuses as possible to hold celebrations. Sing, dance, tell jokes, make feasts and invite friends. Share from a place of overflowing abundance. Allow yourself to be the Goddess of abundance and joy, who is open to love on all levels. Remember, you are the creator of your destiny. You are she who gives birth to your world, and to the world your children and children’s children will inherit. Let this world you inhabit be one of celebration!

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