Creativity: Chalice

A divine poem from W I Boucher about the physical and spiritual delights of worshipping the Yoni; the chalice of life and pleasure.


Priya Mahtani

Worshipping the goddess










Let me drink from that chalice
of such wondrous design
as I lovingly hold it
my mouth filled with your wine
a sacrament to love’s grace

ambrosia, so sweet and rare
let me be transformed by it
loves alchemy, dross to gold
let me drink of it deeply

I want to kiss the pink pearl…
that adorns its, delicate rim
to polish it till it glows
a labor of love, freely given

such a quest to find it
the grail of my heart
a treasure to fill my dreams
elusive goal, that consumes me

let me worship the goddess
at the altar tween your thighs
on my knees, sweet surrender
to a force so divine

let me be love’s servant
bearer of the message of desire
to whisper my prayers to her
to burn with celestial fire

W. I. Boucher September, 1997

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