Meditation of the Month: The Colours of Life

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Or, imagine the five coloured circles of the peacock tail to be your five senses in illimitable space. Now let their beauty melt within. Similarly, at any point in space or on the wall – until the point dissolves. Then your wish for another comes true.”

This meditation uses our sense of vision and imagination to take us to our inner centre. Here’s Osho’s explanation:

“Imagine that your five senses are five colours, and those five colours are filling the whole space. Just imagine your five senses are five colours – beautiful colours, alive, extended into infinite space. Then move within with those colours.

Move within and feel a centre where all these five colours are meeting within you. This is just imagination, but it helps. Just imagine these five colours penetrating within you and meeting at a point. Of course, these five colours will meet at a point: the whole world will dissolve. In your imagination there are only five colours – just like around the tail of a peacock – spread all over space, going deep within you, meeting at a point.

Any point will do, but the hara is the best. Think that they are meeting at your navel – that the whole world has become colours, and those colours are meeting at your navel. See that point, concentrate on that point, and concentrate until the point dissolves. If you concentrate on the point it dissolves, because it is just imagination. Remember, whatsoever we have done is imagination. If you concentrate on it, it will dissolve. And when the point dissolves, you are thrown to your centre. The world has dissolved. There is no world for you. In this meditation there is only colour. You have forgotten the whole world; you have forgotten all the objects. You have chosen only five colours. Choose any five colours. This is particularly for those who have a very keen eye, a very deep colour sensitivity.”

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