Ask Sarita: Healing the Coccyx

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Dear Sarita,

When I was a teenager I broke my coccyx (fell off a horse) and since then my coccyx area has never quite been the same again, even though it’s a long time ago.

I do have orgasms but I don’t know if they would be much stronger or different if that coccyx problem wasn’t there.

What would you recommend to heal it? I am generally holding tension in my sacral chakra still, from past unloving sexual situations.

Thank you and so much love,



Dear Julie,

I would definitely recommend Cranial Sacral Therapy. A great master of this method lives in Corfu. His name is Chintan, (from Switzerland). You can contact him by email.

In case you were thinking of going to Corfu for the group I am offering there in August, (Zoe) you could have sessions with him then. He is in great demand so you would have to reserve early by email.

Also, Nisarga who does the Myofacial release work will be there in the same group so you could also have sessions with him. I think a combination of both would be amazing. Swiss Chintan also does Rebalancing.

Love Sarita


Picture of coccyx copyright Andrew Ciscel

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