Meditation of the Month: AUM

From the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: “Intone a sound, as AUM, slowly. As sound enters soundfulness, so do you.”

It’s very simple to practise this method:

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you can make sound without being disturbed.
2. Tone the sound ‘AUM’ for at least 20 minutes.
3. Allow yourself to enter into the sound, until you become the sound.

Osho had this to say on the meditation: “The intoning of a sound is a very subtle science. First you have to intone it loudly, outwardly; then others can hear it. And it is good to start loudly. Why? Because you can also hear it clearly when you intone it loudly; because whatsoever you say it is to others, and this has become a habit….

Intone the sound Aum, then by and by, feel attunement with the sound. When you intone the sound Aum, be filled with it, forget everything else. Become the Aum, become the sound. And it is very easy to become the sound, because sound can vibrate through your body, through your mind, through your whole nervous system. Feel the reverberation of Aum. Intone it, and feel it as if your whole body is being filled with it, every cell is vibrating with it…..

And when you begin to feel harmonious with it, you can drop intoning loudly. Then close your lips and intone it inwardly, but inwardly also first try it loudly. Intone inwardly, but loudly, so that the sound spreads all over your body, touches every part, every cell of your body. You will feel vitalized by it, you will feel rejuvenated, you will feel a new life entering you – because your body is a musical instrument. It needs harmony.”


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