Ask Sarita: Soul Evolution

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Hello Sarita,

I have a question about soul reincarnation. Let’s say in the beginning there were only 100 people and now there are billions of people. Does that mean a soul can give birth to many new souls? I could not understand how 100 souls can reincarnate into billions of souls today?

Love Sang



Dear Sang,

Thank you for your question. The subject of reincarnation is endlessly fascinating. We can approach it from many angles. It is good to remember that existence is an eternal mystery. So all of our concepts cannot catch the vastness of it. Bearing this in mind, I will endeavour to answer your question.

Souls go on evolving. Human Beings have individual souls. Most animals and plants have a group soul. As souls evolve they individuate, thus multiplication of souls happens. In addition to this, just as you have people who immigrate to other countries, you also have beings from other realms who immigrate to the Earth plane and take birth here.

The Earth is a great place to go to school and to evolve consciousness. When an individual soul evolves to its ultimate potential, then this soul will leave the school of this Earth plane and move on to other dimensions or merge into source as a ray of Godliness. At this point in time, we are in the age of chaos, called the Kali Yuga. During chaos, it is a time of maximum transformation and evolution of consciousness so many souls will be attracted to be here. We are very lucky to be here at this time and it is good not to waste the opportunity. This life is best dedicated to waking up in a spiritual sense. Leave no stone unturned in the passion for transformation, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Love Sarita

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