Meditation of the Month: Prativ-Prasav

Prati Prasav is an ancient meditation used by Buddha and Mahavira, which unwinds karma. Sarita practised it for five years, which helped her to clear her past life patterns so she could live her true soul calling.

To practise this meditation:

  • Before going to sleep, begin to count slowly to yourself a series of simple numbers, backwards and forwards, such as 2, 4, 6, 8 10; 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. Continue this repetition rhythmically.
  • Having got this rhythm moving, almost but never quite automatically, deliberately try to picture yourself as you were before you went to bed – washing, cleaning your teeth; and then what you were doing before that – watching TV, eating dinner; and before that and so on.
  • Continue counting and reviewing your day, until you have pictured the whole day and find yourself in the morning before you got up.
  • With practise you will go further back, back in days, weeks and years beforehand, until you may one day find yourself in the womb and past lives, re-living what you need to, so you can let go of the karma.

Osho had this to say about the meditation:

“Prati-prasav means you are again born in the memory, you go back to the very birth, the trauma when you were born, and you live it again. Remember, you don’t remember it, you live it, you relive it again. This is a very, very significant process, the process of Prati-prasav. It is the process of reabsorbing back to the cause, bringing effect back to the cause; the process of involution. If there is something, some trouble, some problem, then you go back to the original source from where it started. Because you can go on trying to solve the problem, but unless you go to the roots, it cannot be solved. Effects cannot be solved; they have to be forced back to the cause. It is just as if a tree is there and you don’t want the tree, but you go on cutting the branches, the leaves, and again more branches sprout. You cut one leaf, three leaves come. You have to go to the roots.

Remembering is different. You can remember, you can sit silently, but you remain the man you are: you remember that you were a child and your mother hit you hard. That wound is there, but this is remembrance. You are remembering an incident as if it happened to somebody else. To relive it is Prati-prasav. To relive it means that you become the child again. Not that you remember; you become the child again, you live it again. The mother is hitting you not in your memory, the mother hits you again right now: the wound, the anger, the antagonism, your shrinking back, the rejection, and your reaction, as if the whole thing is happening again. This is Prati-prasav. The very root cause can be dissolved.”


Enjoyed this meditation? Want to try more like it? Check out Sarita’s online Vigyan Bhairav Tantra club, or by email, or or see her book, Divine Sexuality.

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