Pears and Chocolate Sauce

Thanks to Jenny and Robin Littman for this delicious raw recipe. They are dedicated to the raw and living foods lifestyle and love to create simple and delicious recipes anyone can enjoy.

Chilled pears and chocolate sauce

Resource Me

Plush pears

2 ripe organic pears
A quarter cup of light organic olive oil
Half cup of raw cacao powder
Agave syrup or other sweetener to taste
Coconut milk to dilute


  • Peel and slice the pears and place in individual dishes.
  • Make a thick chocolate sauce by adding all the other ingredients to a blender.
  • Adjust sweetener to taste, and coconut milk to give a thick creamy consistency. If you have left over sauce, put in a jug to add to other desserts or for a chocolate nut milk shake.
  • Put the dishes in the freezer to chill thoroughly. Take out before eating so they are cold but not frozen.

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