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Dear Sarita,

I have known my beloved for 3 years. She has taken anti-anxiety medication for ten years, and on top of that it is clear that she has problems with alcohol, which she has started to do something about by contacting her local Alcoholics Anonymous, and an addiction specialist will see her at her local doctor’s surgery shortly. She is overweight. She also has two youngish children, and has been living with someone out of a need for security rather than out of love. She will leave him for me in September, and bring her children too.

I can see and feel her beauty underneath all the pain, and I feel myself strong enough to be there for her and her children, and to help her find a new path, away from the addictions she is now choosing to free herself from. Do you have any suggestions for me, so that I can live this one with integrity, honour and love, both for myself and for her?

With love,




Hello Andrew,

Thank you for your question.

I recommend that you help your beloved to seek help to heal from the addiction, as otherwise this will become a thorn in your relationship. I recommend the Bio Resonance Machine. A wonderful practitioner of this who is also a homeopath lives in Kings Langley, called Dawn.

Just a few sessions with this machine will help your beloved unhook from her addictions. It is the medicine of the future, a wonderful device. You can email Dawn for more details.

Love Sarita

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