ZOE: Eternal Life and Love!

Dhyandeepa recalls the magic of Corfu and the blessings of ZOE, Sarita’s group on the stunning Greek island with Bruce Lyon this August, celebrating heaven, earth and Eternal Life.

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Nisarga and Dhyandeepa in Corfu

After completing 6 Levels of the Soulmate Training in Croydon Hall with Sarita, my beloved Nisarga and I arrived to Corfu for the level 7. We went deep into our meditations and equally enjoyed time on the beach every afternoon. Having spent my childhood in Greece and having travelled to this amazing land many times, I wondered why Sarita did not offer any mixed Tantra groups open to all in Greece? A more perfect backdrop could not be found for exploring sensuality, awareness, transformation, love, consciousness, spirit, magic! She shared with me that she envisioned a very important revival of Tantra in Greece. Significant during these shifting times, as Greece has so many powerful sacred sites where Gods and Goddesses have frolicked and shared their blessings: Afrodite, Dionysus, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, and scores more. Greece has also been a key cite of Goddess worship for millennia.

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Mud ritual on the beach!

So this August the group ZOE manifested, with 32 participants converging on the island of Corfu from all over the world. As modern day Greece goes through a political, economic and social restructuring, Tantrikas from the UK, Holland, France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Finland, the USA, Romania, Ireland, Sweden, Hungry, New Zealand, Albania and Greece came together to share, meditate, explore, transform, connect and celebrate the Eternal Life – ZOE! It was an honor to be a part of this experience, along with some participants who have been walking their path for almost 3 decades while others are budding

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Beauty of the Alexis Zorbas Centre

flowers in this garden. We were nourished by the energies of love, consciousness and sacredness, part of this land’s divine living heritage, while at the same time giving back the same in deep gratitude. The sea bathed us every day, enveloping us in her cleansing renewing waters, a rebirth every day, a great teacher and friend. We picked figs from the trees and grapes from the vines, and covered ourselves in healing mud rituals. We faced our demons, celebrated our godliness, and rested in the void. An alignment of body, emotions, and spirit.

And so it was that a great dance was shared. The dance of Shiva and Shakti, of the masculine and the feminine, of yin and yang, of everything and nothing, of

Tantra Essence

Sarita plays at being Krishna

lightning and water, of Bruce and Sarita! Two awakened beings, their fountain of light overflowing, showering us, penetrating, piercing each cell of our bodies, all aspects of our being. A cosmic dance, a dance of the Gods, a blessing for us all. Eternal Life incarnated, embodied, every moment. ZOE! And with this introduction, we share with you more about this experience and journey in the words of those who lived it.

Eternally grateful, Dhyandeepa

For those wanting to continue with this journey or join in the Life Eternal. the dates for next year’s ZOE group are August 9-15, 2014, with Bruce and Sarita. We will be starting on the full moon of August, aligning with the annual meeting in the etheric worlds of the Shamballa Mystery School. location: near a sacred cite in paradise (Greece)! Come join! Email Dhyandeepa for details.

Some feedback from participants:

As I emerge from the deep sea inside after a wonderful week of Zoe retreat with Sarita and Bruce I am grateful for their guidance which helped me reconnect with my inner source, my Divine spark of pure love. Their magic helped me jump into my infinity, plunging into my heights of love and rising into my depths of wisdom. I am home living in the light of my love. I am Zoe-Life Eternal! Namaste beautiful teachers. I hope our paths will cross again. My love flows towards you.
– Shakti

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Bruce on the beach

Bruce invites the void, the emptiness, in a manner that complements Sarita’s wave of love and presence. There is definitely a different feel to the space when the two are together. ZOE is a deeply transformative experience. It is a group that must be experienced!
– Chirag

Oh every moment, every day, every meditation was challenging me to be more present and open, bringing me back to the real “home” where I’m coming from and I belong. The way the group flowed from the first day through the end, so perfect. It let me surrender totally without ego, without time, just here and now. I’m so glad to let myself open to beauty and wisdom, deeper into my spirit and life. There is no greater tantric perfection then when Sarita and Bruce meet!!! When they meet it is just UNIVERSAL ORGASM… ZOE! I just can’t wait to be with them in the next workshop. I’m deeply in love with Sarita and Bruce
– Nataraj

I had a lot of incredible experiences… some of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life. To be in the presence of Masters, to be truly honoured and respected, and to feel love. The most incredible experience of my life. Love, Tantra and Ancient Mysteries, weaved and fused together, leaving me and my body flooded in Bliss, Love, and Vitality, completely intoxicated. WOW !!! Thank You. With Love
– Dominic

I am amazed that I could go so deep in such a short time. All the different tools we got in such a loving space. Felt held and supported throughout the journey. I would love to do it again. And I am!
– Magnus

It was a unique experience to be in the space of two awakened teachers. Both together are a sacred union of wisdom, love and compassion.
– Anna

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Alexis Zorbas

“Besides the exciting week with great teachers, a nice group and deeply touching rituals, we took a lot of inspiration back home. A wonderful lively process has started to manifest when we share intimacy. Rather than focusing mainly on orgasms we now encounter much more, an exciting energetic exchange between us. The meditations and chakra work we were carefully introduced to led to deep self awareness as well as liberation of blocked energy, a stronger kundalini power and joy.
– A couple visiting the ZOE journey

Best wine, absolutely! J I love to drink the essence of life transmitted by the two of you. One can read about life, and think about what life is for. ZOE is a profound experience of life itself.
– Dhanesh

As the waves of ZOE, LIFE ETERNAL, continue to sweep over our sorrows, pains, beliefs (veils), as the “mud” was swept away by the waves in Arillas beach, a new us is coming to form, full of the Glory of Love and Wisdom that the week in Corfu offered us all. The land of Greece, truly blessed by the Gods, as we ourselves were, are and will always be.
– Fotini

Spirituality is life itself, there is no path, there are only techniques that remove the shadows from the inner and outer reality. ZOE, it was the deepest experience I have ever had that brought together my spirit and my body! I feel that I met the true yang energy, Bruce, and the true yin energy, Sarita, fully expressed from two lovely beings. This was really an explosive energy to every cell of my being !!! Together you are the best combination in the world of tantra.
– Mixalis

For the best week of your life, do ZOE!
– Sarani
– A Tantric Odyssee

Tantra Essence

Sunset over Corfu

So when this boat
Left these shores
Uncertain of the
Daring Wanting More
Risked all

The Heart the Mast
The Body the Compass
Across this
Sea of Madness
It Is the Love
the Light
The Soul

The Journey
In Darkness
This Silent Night
I Can See
Hear, almost Taste Ye
Eyes Full of Fire
A Grace O Malley s
Move Move Move
Just Welcome Me.

Its Cold
Did Take in

Deepa in Corfu

Outdoor shower!

The Heart
The Body
Wanting for More
Jumped Overboard
This Tiny Tim
Decided to Swim
Risk Even More

To Reach the Other
Free and Alive
The Path.

Oh Maddelo
All is Lost
All is Gained
In the Infinite Space
Of the Heart
There is no Door.

The Boats Are Out Guys and Girls
Don t know when the Other Side is Reached
Don t Know when I Reach Home.
– For me – there is no way back
Then to Radically Live as
a Sovereign Being

Yours and mine till the End of the Journey.
– Rem van Reems

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