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Beloved Sarita,

I love Osho and listen to him and read his books, which is so lovely. I did many groups when I heard Osho say: if you haven’t a master, maybe god will come to you in dark moments, as dark not as light, so you need a master to help you receive god in the right moment.

Can sannyas help in the same way now Osho has left his body, as before he left his body? Should sannyas be taken like they did in the Osho commune or is it enough to love Osho where you are? Is it really dangerous to stay without a master on a spiritual path?

Thank you,



Hello Aman,

It is good to remember that a master is available whether he is in or out of the body. After Buddha left his body, thousands of people were able to become enlightened through his teachings, his methods, and his spiritual presence. After Jesus left his body, and in spite of his teachings being mangled by Christianity, some people were able to become enlightened through discipleship with him.

Osho is available. We are so fortunate that his talks have been recorded and even filmed, so you can hear his voice, see how he was in the body. It is not only his fragrance that remains, but his tangible presence. And he is also available as a powerful spiritual presence. Just sit in meditation with his photo and look into his eyes, and you will see what I mean. Keep your eyes fixed on his eyes for at least 15 minutes without blinking if possible. This will help you to be in contact with his essence and how that is mirrored in you.

If you decide to take sannyas, I highly recommend a wonderful sannyas celebration as is done in Delhi or in Osho Nisarga in Dharamsala.

In regards to your question about danger to a seeker who is without a master: it depends on the person. However, in many cases, I should say in most cases, the seeker will need a master. The reason is simple. The master carries a certain vibrational frequency, which is in tune with source. The disciple loves the master and so falls in tune with the master and is thus aligned to a more pure and higher vibration than he or she could be on their own.

If someone is seeking on their own, there may be a tendency to become enchanted by many different realms and experiences, some of those being of an unconscious or negative nature. The new seeker may not know the difference between these different realms, and may become sidetracked into spiritual swamps. If you are aligned consciously with a master, you are in a sense protected. It is not that the master is trying to protect you. It is simply because you are aligning yourself with his energy that you will not attract lower level vibrations and will keep moving deeper into a merging with the energy of the master.

Love Sarita

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