Vegan Indian Feast

Sarita says: “India has given us Tantra Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga and so much more. It has also produced some of the most amazingly delicious vegetarian food on the planet. This Indian Feast is a ‘vegan version’ of Indian food preparation. It also uses ‘no sugar and no garlic’. When I prepare it, I make sure all ingredients are organic, as this affects the deliciousness and health for the better. There is some pre-soaking to be done so it is a good idea to read the recipes the day before you want to prepare this feast. I will be curious to hear feedback once you have tried it!”

Sarita’s Vegan Indian Feast

Brown basmati rice

Soak brown rice for two hours. 1 part rice to 2 parts water. Bring to boil then cook on low heat for approximately 40 minutes with a closed lid on the pot, till the water has been absorbed. Just before all water has been absorbed, add salt and if a special effect is desired, add some saffron, which has been dissolved into a little almond milk or water. Turn off heat. Leave covered for the rice to go on steaming in its pot.

Dal (red lentils)

Soak the dal in 3 times water for about two hours. Bring to a boil and scoop away the foam, which has gathered. Simmer for 20 minutes till the dal is very creamy and nicely thick. While it is simmering, add 1 chopped onion, finely chopped ginger to taste, 1 or 2 bay leaves, a few curry leaves, some powdered cumin, turmeric powder, a couple of dried red chillies and salt. When the dal is done, you can add some fresh chopped spinach and a tablespoon of coconut oil. Stir this in and leave the pot covered while the spinach wilts into the dal soup.


Veggie curry copyright Miansari66

When frying the spices, use only coconut oil (or ghee if you are not vegan) to fry with. You can fry a chopped onion, curry spice mix, chopped fresh ginger, chillies to taste. Then add a little water, (not too much) add chopped veggies of choice. A nice combination is some pumpkin or squash, okra, zucchini, or fresh green beans, potato or sweet potato. Add the slower cooking veggies first, and the zucchini or okra last as they cook more quickly. When the veggies have cooked nicely, which will take about 15 minutes, then you can add salt to taste and some coconut milk to make the curry sauce really creamy and yummy. You can add fresh chopped coriander at the end just before serving the curry.


Raita copyright Andrea Nguyen

Plain Soy Yoghurt is the base. Add peeled, finely chopped cucumber, onion and tomato. Add salt and pepper to taste and once the mixture has been stirred, you can put some paprika on top. It is very nice to decorate the raita with some chopped parsley or coriander.

Fresh Raw Mango Chutney

Raw mango chutney copyright Shubhada N

Dried mango can be soaked overnight to soften
1 mashed banana,
1 finely grated apple
1 teaspoon finely grated ginger
Lemon juice of 1 lemon
Chilli powder

This chutney can be served as a condiment to go with the whole meal, therefore you do not need a big quantity.

Green Salad

Green salad copyright Dfrg




Make a lovely green salad, with various kinds of salad leaves, herbs and a dressing of choice.



If you are very brave, you can make chapattis. If you do not wish to make chapattis you can buy them ready made in a shop and simply heat them up. If you are making chapattis yourself, I highly recommend using Kamut flour. I cannot give the recipe for chapattis here because making them is an art, which requires hands on training from an expert.

Raw Khir Dessert

Khir dessert

Take the peel off ripe bananas and freeze them in a plastic bag. (Count 1 banana per person.) Soak cashews over night. (Count about 10 cashews per person.) Before blending the cashews add in a few strands of saffron and seeds from a few cardamom pods. Blend the cashews and spices with water, (count 1 cup water for three persons.) Put this mixture in the fridge for about two hours. When you are ready to serve the dessert, blend the bananas and then put into decorative bowls or glasses. Add the creamy cashew blend. You may also like to add some other fruit of choice in layers, for example, first the banana ice cream, then some sliced strawberries, then the creamy cashew blend. You can sprinkle the top of the dessert with a few raw cacao nibs.


Chai copyright Miansari

To top off this feast, it is recommended to have some Jamaican or classic Yogi Tea blend, which is nicely spicy. You can add rice or oat milk to taste once the tea has brewed, if desired.

Pictures copyright:
Chai and vegetable curry Minasari
Green salad Dfrg
Raita Andrea Nguyen
Raw mango chutney Shubhada N

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