Creativity: Becoming Whole Through Love

In her poem below; Rapture for the Divine Masculine, Priya Mahtani expresses her love of, and gratitude for, divine masculinity, as experienced through the men in her life.

Rapture for the Divine Masculine

Priya Mahtani

Shiva, witnessing all

Merged in the bliss of sweet presence,
The masculine silence witnesses all.
Purifying self with sacred waters,
Clearing karma and griefs, big and small.
Tenderness is the name of thy touch, as you trail a rose petal upon my cheek,
This dance of consciousness not a game for the meek.

For in daring to be still and to surrender at thy Goddess feet,
Does the most glorious pleasure of the Divine Masculine speak.
For in your softness arises your strength, the sound of the conch shell your clarion call,
No longer the need to fight fierce battle, but to trust and surrender it all.

As you trail the chocolate upon my lips,
Did heaven and earth seal such sacred devotion with a soul breathed kiss.
For how long have you waited to be seen in your manly ways,
Eternity tripping light fantastic on ocean’s gaze.

For the pulse of longing that beats beneath thy breast,
The valour and courage of a warrior put to the test.
For so long have you been scorned and mocked, yet here you sit silent still,
With scars and memories of an ancient game of will.

Priya Mahtani

Worshipping the goddess

Here you are now, with compassion and openness, a commitment that shall surpass all of time,
As you bow before the Goddess earthly and divine.
And in so doing does she reclaim her light, her purpose and reason to shine,
For her love is but a chalice awaiting to overflow with love’s sacred wine.

Pouring fire into the darkness of the light that flickers at your feet.
How my heart is replenished, aglow with this love of our precious meet.
Tears of joy cried from eyes that would dare see.
Thank you Beloved Masculine, for your endurance and steadfast love of me.

What was fractured finds wholeness, integrating in my heart.
Father, brother, husband, lover, each reclaimed as it was in the start.
In the beginning, creation’s song, the sacred fire where our love was split in two,
Until this moment of surrendered wholeness, here now with you.

By Priya Mahtani June 2013

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