Meditation of the Month: Yin and Yang

This is one of the essential methods for lovers and explores the balance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, representing our Yin and Yang sides. When we can learn to allow an easy flow of energy between the right and left sides of the brain, we become balanced in body and psyche. This meditation will help this flow and bring much harmony to your love life.

How to practise this meditation:

Step One – 5 minutes

Sitting comfortably in front of your partner, gaze into their eyes with full concentration. Try not to blink. Really study your partner’s face. After 5 minutes, cover your eyes with your hands, resting them. Note your thoughts to yourself, but do not talk to your partner.

Step Two – 5 minutes

Now lift your eyes to your partner’s face. This time simply receive the look of your partner. Both partners are in a Yin or receptive state of vision, allowing each other to completely be seen and looked into. Keep breathing, remaining vulnerable and exposed. Simply receive the gaze of the other. Notice your thoughts. After 5 minutes, rest your eyes in your hands and then share your experience.

When people do this exercise with a partner, they often feel emotionally protective during the first step, and accepted, loved and loving in the second. The reason for this is that the right side, or Yin aspect of the brain, is naturally attuned to love.

By practising this meditation, you can learn to become flexible with both aspects. When you are doing business, you can shift into the Yang element and when you are with your lover or children, you can shift into the Yin aspect. You can experiment with this at different moments throughout the day, and notice what kind of transformation happens in the people around you.

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