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Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers questions on:  embracing life.

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Dear Sarita,

For a long time, I haven’t been able to find fun in my life. I feel like I live in the past and the future, but can’t tune into the present. I’m always planning, preparing, trying to improve. Or I’m daydreaming about old memories of childhood and old time experiences. But I don’t know how to let go and enjoy now. How do you enjoy yourself? How can I become more playful? The egoic mind only knows past and future, both of which are illusory. That is why the ego is thought to be ‘not our true self’, but rather a false identity. When we meditate, we are gradually able to discover being in the present. The present moment is where aliveness is happening. When we dissolve ourselves intensively into living in the moment, we discover something very mysterious. This moment opens the door to eternity. This is why meditation is so important. When we are in present moment being, we become joyous and naturally effervescent and playful.

I probably am too serious, and take life too seriously. Maybe I’m too self conscious. But over the years of my life, I’ve always tried to be lean, cutting out unnecessary things or things that are bad for me. I get stressed when I have to buy clothes for myself, because I can’t see the point of it. I get anxious at my birthday because all these people have gathered for me but I’m not worth it. Christianity and some other religions have been teaching the virtues of abstinence. However, these teachings do not help people to discover enlightenment as they take us away from our natural zest for life and love, making us dried up and miserable. I have travelled the celibate path in my past lives and it did not help me at all to awaken to truth. If you look around in nature, you can clearly see that nature thrives on abundance and joy. A good example of this, is singing birds, flitting butterflies and bees pollinating flowers, verdant foliage, and animals frolicking, kicking up their heels and playing mating games.

I’m still confused about my attitude to sex. I’ve spent my life suppressing my sexual feelings. As a teenager I aspired to be a zen monk. Many Zen monks get married! I saw sexual desire as a weakness. A temptation to fight against. A craving, like hunger, to ward off. This attitude can only lead to a miserable life. I maintained this thinking into my twenties. And I though girls would respect this stoic approach, and see it as a strength. Girls who are into the juice of life and love will escape from such a man as he who will deny them their natural capacity for ecstasy. A woman’s sexuality is linked directly to spiritual states when she really lets go. A master lover is one who knows how to play the instrument of the woman’s body, drawing forth exquisite music.

Now I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know whether to continue to fight against temptation, or whether to let go and be consumed by it. When allowing yourself to be consumed by the fire of desire, it is important to use this as a meditation. Bring awareness to the fire and the fire is transformed into spiritual awakening. Sometimes this can appear to be like walking on a razors edge because as you say, “Desire is so powerful, like a tsunami.” Part of me longs to be submerged by it. Swept away…. drowned, even. But part of me is scared of its destructive force. I can’t understand its nature. What is desire for? Desire points the way to our innermost essence. Many people have missed the true potential of desire to awaken us to source. This powerful force can create new life. Therefore it is linked directly to God. It is the power of creation. You can learn to ride this like riding a tiger. The one who can enter into sexuality and passion with awareness is the one who will be victorious, riding on the tiger’s back. Why do we need it? Is it the same for men and women? What will people think of me if I give in to it? What people will think of you depends on you and how you are with this powerful energy. If you are able to tap into inner ecstasy, they will wonder what happened and begin asking your advice. Because everyone longs for inner ecstasy. Many haven’t a clue how to attain this, even though the signposts are clearly marked in our body. So I maintain flood barriers and try to keep strong. The barriers are so strong that I wouldn’t know how to break them down. So I’m in a constant state of vigilance. Holding on and controlling. Am I misguided to try and control nature? But how can I let go? I would recommend letting go in a Tantra environment. As your floodgates have been so strong, you may need intelligent guidance in how to let them melt. If you can come to a Tantra group, that will be really great. I have a group called Master Lover at the end of January in the UK. Perhaps you can come to that.

Last week the storms came. Such energy and excitement. I felt an urgency to be part of it. To feel the power of the wind and be cleansed by the rain. A mighty force that puts the daily trivialities into perspective. Yes, the winds of change are calling to you. More bliss than you may ever have dreamed possible is waiting. This bliss is not against meditation. It is your birthright. In the garden of life, each being has the potential to reach to the ecstasy of their fullest potential, physically,emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This flowering happens when we allow these aspects to come together in a great celebration of being.

Love Sarita

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  1. Arvind says:

    Really Beautiful and get an insight…i politely share that its wonderful the way the answer is given…. Thank you …Thank you Ma…! Eager to be with you & in the presence of Beloved The Master at Nagpur in the next month… !
    Thank you… .

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