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Susan Shraddha Redgrave (pictured) explains how attending the Tantra Meditation Retreat inspired her to create a MA in Personal Development that embraces the mind, body and spirit and features teachings on the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra by Sarita as an integral part of the course.

Pathways to Growth


Since 2007, when I bravely attended my first Tantra Meditation retreat, I have been fascinated by Sarita’s work. This very first workshop, a six day intensive following the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation Series was very challenging for me at the time. Unexpected emotional issues arose plus I felt completely re-oriented and introduced to what felt like another universe!

However, what it did do was to send me on a ‘journey of spiritual discovery’, which has stayed with me ever since, not only transforming my life but inspiring me to create a way of enabling others to ‘take this type of work’ out into society.

I felt that there was a need to enable people to re-integrate the three important facets of ourselves – ‘Mind, Body and Spirit,’ as many of us have lost this important connection. Our society is very good at developing the ‘mind’ but to the detriment of the ‘body and spirit’. Tantra teachings together with meditation help us to ‘re-integrate’ ourselves, which is very healing, empowering and beneficial in our everyday life. I now have a very different perspective on life and wished that I had experienced this wisdom earlier in my life!

The master’s programme that I have developed is unique in that it enables people to explore these three facets: Mind – Body and Spirit from a spiritual perspective. I am hoping that each person will be able to strengthen ‘their own path’, through experiential work, reading, creativity and learning from very experienced teachers including Sarita.

For the first year the student will focus on their own personal development, while in the second year there is an option to look at personal development from a wider perspective within the workplace or community. We will be including the very special Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Meditation Series in the degree programme.

If I can give more people the opportunity to explore a new more positive way of living, where healing our emotions is encouraged, connection to nature is essential, treating others with love, respect and dignity I would have achieved my dream. This degree is a small step in helping to take a ‘new way of thinking and living’ out into the world. I hope that its graduates will have the confidence and be empowered to use their learning not only in their own lives but also in their workplace and community.

And thank you beloved Sarita and Osho for your delightful guidance.

Love Susan Shraddha Redgrave

Find out more about the Pathways to Growth on 6-9 February, the introductory weekend for the MA in Personal or Professional Development (also a standalone group). Email Shraddha or call her on 020 7987 2504 for more information on how you can join the MA programme.

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