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Tantra Essence

The moment of truth

In the Tantra approach to life, education begins at the moment of conception. In ancient Tantra scriptures, great care is taken to describe the correct ambience in which to conceive. The thoughts of the parents, what they have eaten, the ambience they make love in, all play an important role in what kind of soul will be attracted. And once the soul has bonded itself to embryo in the womb, the process of conditioning already sets in.

“Create a meditative atmosphere while you are making love. You should treat the place as sacred. Creating life, what can be more sacred? Do it as beautifully, as aesthetically, as joyously as possible. There should be no hurry. And if two lovers meet in such an atmosphere outside and such a silent space within, they will attract a soul, the highest available.”

Osho, ‘From Bondage to Freedom’

“This is my experience after working with thousands of people, that if a mother and father are both meditative then during intercourse, only that sperm will reach the egg first which is one with meditation. The energy of meditation will give a push to that sperm. Producing children without meditation is a wastage of life force energy.”

Osho, ‘Phir Patton Ki Paajeb Baji’


Tantra Essence

Peaceful pregnancy

In many ancient cultures throughout the world, women were supported in remaining in a peaceful and meditative state of being throughout the entire pregnancy, as it was known that any unharmonious thoughts and feelings would affect the developing child, leaving an imprint in the body, mind and emotional centers.

The Kogi Indians of Colombia are masters of education. They have developed a whole science for creating enlightened beings through how they approach conception, the time in the womb, birth and child development. Because of their masterful wisdom, they are able to maintain a society where there is no violence, no crime, and the whole of their culture lives in profound harmony with nature.

It is said that the master Tabla player Zakir Hussain was born ready to play Tablas. This is because his father was a tabla player and took great care to play Tablas regularly near the belly of his pregnant wife. The fetus absorbed the art of drumming, and a master musician was born. An alternate scenario happens with millions of unfortunate fetuses. The parents may fight during the pregnancy, or the mother may smoke, drink or take drugs. This kind of behavior will ensure the birth of a deeply disturbed individual.

“Before the child is born, you should go as deeply as possible in meditation. When the child is within your womb whatsoever you are doing continuously reaches as vibrations to the child. If you are angry, your belly has tensions of anger. The child immediately feels it. When you are sad, your belly has vibes of sadness. Immediately the child feels dull, depressed. The child totally depends on you. Whatsoever is your mood is the mood of the child. The child has no independence right now. Your climate is his climate. So, no more fighting, no more anger. That’s why I say to be a mother is a great responsibility. You will have to sacrifice much.”

Osho, ‘God Is Not For Sale’


Tantra Essence

Ecstatic birth

“Just remain prayerful, meditative and delighting. When you start feeling that the child is coming, relax absolutely and help the child. Don’t fight. We have been conditioned in such a way and we have been told that childbirth is very painful to the mother. That idea has been repeated so long that that it has become very deeply rooted in us. It is an auto-hypnosis; there is no pain really. You believe, then it is there.

In fact, there is the possibility of great ecstasy when the child is born. Once you can know that ecstasy, no lovemaking will ever give you that much ecstasy again. It is simply tremendous! So when you start feeling that the waves are coming, just co-operate, enjoy, start moving with the child and wait with great expectation. That great ecstasy is going to be there. You will feel a great orgasm coming all over the body.

Don’t be shy. If you want to sing, sing! If you want to utter gibberish, just utter gibberish. If you just want to make sounds, make sounds. If you want to sway and move, sway and move. Don’t bother about what others will say. Just go into whatsoever spontaneously happens and you will have known a great experience.”

Osho, ‘The Shadow Of The Whip’

The phenomenon of ecstatic birth is gaining momentum all over the world. Experts on birth are beginning to acknowledge that as it is the same anatomical area that gives birth and has orgasm, it makes sense that there can be orgasmic ecstasy while giving birth. It is interesting that if a woman believes that there will be pain, the pleasure hormones shut down their production and then of course there will be pain. However, the reverse is also true, if the woman believes that there will be pleasure, the production of pleasure hormones increases.

Gowri Motha is a medical doctor who specialized in painless birth. She states in her book, ‘The Gentle Birth Method’, that painful birth has been programmed so deeply into the psyche of the Western woman, that the majority of births are treated almost like a disease, with fear and pain ruling the roost. She offers woman a technique of de-hypnosis to re-write the birth scenario in their mind to be painless and pleasant. Her book is full of grateful testimonials and case histories of painless and ecstatic birth experiences.

As reported in the film, ‘Birth As We Know It’, ecstatic birth brings amazing children into the world, who are physically strong, with tremendous intelligence, sensitivity and creativity.

A 20 year study in Scandinavia found that babies who go through traumatic birth practices have a greater likelihood to grow up to be criminals or drug addicts. It is of tremendous importance to educate as many women as possible as to the negative ramifications of unnatural and traumatic birth and simultaneously to offer training in how to open to the phenomenon of ecstatic birth.

The simple fact is, as long as we produce children conceived and born in suffering and misery, we are asking for a world based on suffering and misery. If we want a world of intelligent, creative and ecstatic human beings, then our whole approach to sexuality, pregnancy and birth needs to go through a major overhaul.

The Formative Years: 0—7

Tantra Essence

Foundation for life

How a child is treated during the first seven years of life will create the definitive foundation for the rest of their life to be built on. What the child is given to eat, whether the child is touched with love and care or not, how the child is spoken to and encouraged or discouraged, will all have an immense and long lasting impact. Each action a parent, family member or other adults do with a child is an act of programming the hard disk. The vulnerability of the child has been profoundly abused throughout history. It is in fact a miracle that people grow up to be sane at all, given the number of dysfunctional families and educational institutions there are in the world.

The fact is, if you would like your child to grow up to be loving, shower him or her with love. If you would like him or her to grow up intelligent, do not indoctrinate the child with all sorts of ideologies. Let the child run free and wild, let the child have access to as much nature as possible and help the child to learn meditation. The process of education is actually meant to open up and nurture the wisdom which is already there in the child in its seed form. Just as we nurture tender young shoots to grow into what they are meant to become as mature plants, in the same manner we should approach education.

There used to be a saying in Victorian England, “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Such ideas raised children to be unfeeling and uncaring enough to conquer, enslave others and build an empire. Someone who has been caned regularly as a child will be programmed to beat others as an adult.

It is very important that the child sees regular demonstrations of affection between the adults who are raising him or her. If the parents are making love, this should not be a secretive thing. It is fine for the parents to have their privacy when making love, but the sounds of the lovemaking should not be stifled. The child may comment on these sounds and can be told this is how mommy sounds when she is in ecstasy or how daddy sounds when he is adoring mommy. The child will certainly begin mimicking these sounds, and this is fine. They may squirm, giggle and laugh with pleasure to see and imagine how daddy and mommy love each other. They will want to dive into the bed when the parents are cuddling and be held in the loving energy of the male and female in harmony and contentment.

In Scandinavia, there is a massage program, which has been instigated in many kindergartens. It has been found that the children who learn massage from a young age are brighter, more loving, more peaceful and get better grades. Touch is an art, which is of paramount importance for the whole life. The younger a child can begin learning the art of conscious touch, the better. The art of massage can begin in pre-school and can be continued as long as schooling lasts. Such a person will naturally be in tune with their own and others bodies and the need for violence and anger will decrease dramatically. Our capacity for happiness is directly related to how much loving touch we receive throughout life.

Tantra Essence

Nature can be an education for children

Being in nature is one of the very best ways to educate a child. The tendency to be uncaring with the environment will disappear in just two generations if children everywhere are taught to love and be in tune with the Earth and with nature. It is a travesty to go into nature and see garbage strewn all over the place. This can only happen because people are not educated as children to love their habitat. Imagine if you saw animals fouling their own living quarters. You would think they have gone crazy. And yet, that is what human beings are doing.

I am very grateful to my father for teaching me as a child that if we go into nature and camp, make a fire or have a bowel movement, we need to take care that when we leave, all signs of our having been in that place are completely erased. He impressed upon me that nature should be left in the same pristine state we found it in upon our arrival.

Meditation is an arena, which is important for young children to become acquainted with. In essence, meditation is simply tuning your physical instrument to the energy of source, entering into communion with source. When children are taught meditation from a young age, they become peaceful adolescents and compassionate adults.

Playfulness is another aspect of life, which is essential to develop. If you watch children you will see that they learn though play. They see what adults do and then copy this through their play. Eventually the play becomes anchored as their reality. The way life is played out in the adult world is what will be programmed in the child. The thing that many adults don’t realize, that people still learn best through play, no matter what age they are! A playful, experiential five senses learning approach is what will help both children and adults to accelerate their ability to learn in any sphere.

Tantra Essence

Play is vital in childhood

If you weave together spontaneity, playfulness, meditation, conscious touch and massage, attunement with nature and lovingness towards self and others, you will be raising a society of Buddha Beings! The word education means ‘to draw out.’ When we educate rightly, we draw out from within what is already there in its latent potential. In my experience, human beings are naturally loving and compassionate. Other modes of behavior all arise from a very distorted education on all levels.

When I initiate adults into the world of Tantra, a great deal of effort has to go into helping them to unlearn all kinds of crap, which has been programmed into them. Osho used to say, “I remove what is not yours and give you back what you already are.” In my experience of working with thousands of people all over the world, people are extremely eager to re-connect with their natural human capacity to love and be loved, naturally and easily.

One example of deconditioning which is necessary is the ridiculous fear around masturbation. Babies in the womb during fetal scans have been found to be touching their genitals. Children if left to their own devises masturbate regularly from the earliest age. This is not a sexual practice at this tender age, but is rather a full body pleasure activation, which is programmed within our bodies to be practiced from the womb onwards. If parents think this is too challenging for children to be doing in public, they can simply inform the child that not all people are open to witnessing this pleasure practice and that the child is welcome to continue pleasuring him or herself in their own room or in the bath whenever they would like.

If a boy is not circumcised (ie genitally mutilated) then he will feel the need to massage his foreskin on a regular basis. This ensures that the foreskin will remain flexible enough to accommodate the growing penis. He can be taught to do this while having a warm bath, and this is an excellent way for him to have pleasure and to help his foreskin to be flexible.

The future pleasure and orgasmic capacity of the adult depends on how they have learned to masturbate as a child. They should be left to their own devises to explore their own body and to come to know what kind of pleasure states they are capable of. This is a very private affair and adults should not pry into the child’s self-pleasuring experiences, but should just let them know it is wonderful to continue this exploration if they see the child is engaged in pleasuring.

Emotions are a very important part of any human being’s life. Emotions are like weather and should be treated as such. We do not say it should never rain, knowing full well that all life on earth depends on rain to survive. Likewise we do not say wind should not blow, knowing full well that clean air depends on winds. When anger comes, or tears, or any spontaneously occurring emotional state, children should not be condemned for it. They can be offered ways to create positive outlets for these emotions.

For example, they can be shown the art of pillow beating to release anger. Likewise, if they are having a tantrum, they can be shown how to move into tantrums in a conscious way, through release followed by silent meditation. If the adults who are raising the child are able themselves to move into conscious emotional release, this will provide the blueprint for the child to do so.

Childhood: 7—14

Tantra Essence

Same sex role models are an important part of growing up

During this time of development, children very naturally are drawn to same sex bonding as a way of discovering themselves through the mirror of another of the same gender. Girls will typically play with other girls and boys with boys as a way of anchoring the naturally occurring hormonal reality within their gender type. During this phase, it is also very important that girls will be able to have one or more adult female role models, and that boys will have one or more adult male role models. Ideally the mother and father will be able to take that role, but if they are not available to do so for one reason or another, then another wise and loving same gender role model should be found for the child.

During this phase, the child may also become curious about sexuality and want to know some or all facts of sexual life. It is good to provide information according to the curiosity expressed by the child, in other words, at their rhythm and pace of development. Along with anatomical facts, the child also needs to be informed about the role of Tantra, and how important it is to combine both massage and meditation as part of the lovemaking experience.

“Up to the age of sexual maturity, until the child has ripened from the point of view of sex, be it a boy or a girl, until then, the central aspect of a child’s life should be of love and heart, because later, the whole life will come out of that experience. The child will become a wife or a husband, a mother or a father. All the emotional relationships of their lives will be of love and of the heart, not of mathematics, geography or history. So in my view, the foundation of education should be love, not intellect. Intellect is only a means. If there is love within then the intellect becomes just a means to spread and develop love. And if there is no love then the intellect becomes a means for spreading lovelessness.

The first steps of education need to be the steps of love. And in order to take the steps in love, closed walls are not needed, but the open sky, birds, trees, stars and moon. The basic education should not be of geography but of beauty. The basic education should not be of science but of art. The basic education should not be of tension but of relaxation and peace.”

Osho, ‘Revolution In Education’, at Poddar College Mumbai 1968

Adolescence: 14—21

Tantra Essence

Manhood ritual from the South Pacific

It is very important that each child is offered a rite of passage at the age of 14 to celebrate their entry into fertility and the passage into manhood or womanhood. This can be celebrated in various ways, typically, a gathering of men supporting the boy or a group of women supporting the girl. Parents can research into various practices done by indigenous cultures as rites of passage and can also seek out facilitators who specialise in providing optimal rites of passage depending on the culture the child has been born into. A Tantric Rite of Passage will include Tantric Ritual, initiation into Tantric Sexuality, which combines knowledge and experience of the Chakra system, Kundalini, Tantric Massage and Yoga techniques and meditations involving all of these.

Young men will be shown techniques for conservation of semen and long lasting sexual prowess and young women will be initiated into the wonders of their orgasmic capacity, moon cycles and the potential for motherhood residing in their bodies.

If the child has learned meditation and lovingness from an early age, then as hormones begin changing and creating a sex drive, the young adult will naturally discover that this energy can flow down and out and can also flow in and up, opening up full body ecstasy. Many young people turn towards drugs because there is a natural urge for full body orgasmic ecstasy in the teenager. If this does not find an outlet then the young person will search for other means of triggering altered and ecstatic states of being. If the terrain has been rightly prepared then the inner pharmacy provided by the body’s own hormonal system will be enough of a power-house for ecstasy.

Young adulthood: 21—28

Tantra Essence

Tantric love

At this age the young adult is ready for explorations into ever deepening intimacy with their lover. They can be schooled into Tantric techniques for spiritual awakening through sexuality, love and meditation. Their schooling may include Kamasutra Yoga and how this can help them in keeping their bodies healthy and the flame of love alive. They can also learn important lessons on how body, mind and soul are linked and the importance of taking good care of the body mind in terms of nutrition, exercise and positive input in the form of computer, film and print medias. Mind and body are sensitive to pollution and can be corrupted through negative input of junk foods and junk visuals.

In addition to this, the maturing adult can learn about the psychological aspects of sexuality, love and relating and how to navigate the terrain of relationship in a wise way. Male and female brains are wired differently, and it is important that each person understands how these differences work. The happiness and well-being of individuals depend on how they are related to their own body and psyche and how they relate with others. Therefore, relationship is a most important aspect of study. All other forms of education are secondary.

The young person is eager to know all they can of the world, and it is very helpful for them to travel and be exposed to a wide variety of cultures and people. This helps to build rapport and a wider vision of life.

At this time of life, the young person is seeking knowledge from many different sources, like a bee seeking nectar from many flowers. Being exposed to many forms of Tantric Meditation will help the young person to bring meditation into their daily life in all its aspects.

Deeper Into The Heart Of Love

Once the basic blueprint of Tantra has been woven into the body, psyche and soul of the young person, he or she is ready to become an empress or emperor of love. He or she has become a conduit for the sacred flow of Tantra to permeate their life and bestow blessings on this world. There is a saying; “ignorance has no beginning, but it has an end. Enlightenment has a beginning but no ending.” By inviting Tantra into education from the very beginning of life, we are inviting a life of celebration and oneness with all that is. We become who we are meant to be, in ever deepening fulfillment.

Love Sarita x

“Real education will be to draw out what is hidden in you, what God has put in you as a treasure, to discover it, to reveal it, to make you luminous. And there is another meaning of the word, which is far deeper. ‘Education comes from the root, Educare’. It means, to lead you from darkness to light. The Upanishads say: “Lord, lead us from untruth to truth, Asato Ma Sadgamaya. Lord, lead us from death to deathlessness, Mrityonma Amritamgamaya. Lord, lead us from darkness to light, Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamayma”. This is exactly the meaning of the word education, ‘Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamayma’, from darkness to light.”

Osho, ‘The Secret 2’ (Q 4)

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