Ask Sarita: Diksha

Sarita loves to answer your questions, so if there’s something you’d like her advice on, please email her and let her know if you are happy for it to be published (you can remain anonymous). Here she answers questions on:  receiving the Master.


Dear Sarita,

Whenever our Master gives us Diksha is it natural that something happens in the body and mind? I felt a very strange flow of energy in my head and all over my body after taking the Diksha in the meditation camp in Nagpur the evening after, and my blood pressure and sugar level decreased drastically.

Please suggest what can I do?

Anand Satya


Hello Satya,

Yes, when you receive the Master’s blessing, naturally this will affect you on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and soul level. When these aspects within us are in harmony then wellbeing and wholeness is the result. To keep the channel to grace from the Master open it is important to continue meditating. You can choose the meditation you enjoy from among Osho’s methods, and continue this as a series for at least 21 days, or three months. This will help to integrate your experience and also help you to continue progressing on your spiritual path.

Love Sarita

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