Meditation of the Month: No-Mind

In Ayurveda, the body and mind is purged of toxins. This No-Mind Meditation is an excellent complimentary method to go with Pancha Karma (see Sarita’s Ayurveda blog for more about this healing method). It can also be done to support a person with a busy lifestyle to find peace and centring.

No-Mind Meditation was developed by Osho. It is an excellent way of emptying the mind of its overload of mental toxins and then dropping easily and naturally into deep silence and stillness. One of the main endeavours of mystics down the ages has been to try and help people to experience the bliss of the no-mind state. The reason why this state of being is so prized is because as we discover no-mind, simultaneously we discover vastness, infinity, and eternity. To experience ourselves as vast and eternal is to know Sat Chit Anand: Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Mystics have used many kinds of devices, ways of tricking their devotees to catapult themselves into this state of being. One such master was named Gibbhar, a Sufi mystic. Seekers would come to him, hoping to find truth. He would begin answering their questions with gibberish, and then indicate to them to begin using gibberish as well. In the beginning they would think he was crazy, however it is said that he helped thousands of people to attain infinite bliss in this way. Osho loved this meditation and developed it as a meditative therapy group. In its shorter form, one can practice it on your own as a one hour meditation.

To practise this meditation:

Step one: 30 minutes

Roam around the room, your whole body involved in free style movements. As you move, make nonsense sounds, as if you are speaking, using any kind of language you don’t know. You may find many types of language sounds coming through you, sometimes something that sounds like Chinese, or Swahili, or Italian, or Greek or whatever. Just make sure that you only speak those languages that you don’t know. In this way, many sub-personalities will have space to come to the surface and be expressed. If you find yourself thinking in your own language as you express, bring your whole attention into being with the gibberish. By doing this, you will empty your subconscious profoundly.

Step two: 30 minutes

Sit down in a posture of meditation. You can be relaxed, with straight spine, hands folded in your lap, entering into deep silence and stillness. Become a witness of your body, mind and emotions, without any judgement. This pure witnessing state is conducive for deep meditation. As you continue witnessing, there may come gaps, where there are no thoughts. For some people, this can appear as an infinite abyss. If you encounter this silent abyss, simply let go into it. It is in the abyss of deep meditation that we meet the soul/spirit dimension where all wisdom, all knowing and all bliss resides.


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