Meditation of the Month: Yoni Gazing

The Yoni is the place all life is birthed through and gazing at her can be a deeply transformative experience. For women, gazing at her own or another woman’s Yoni can help her accept that this incredible channel for life lives in her own body and therefore she is an embodiment of the divine feminine. For a man, gazing at the Yoni can bring him to a place of deep reverence and awe for the power of the feminine which gives birth to all things, including him.

To practise this meditation:

For women

You can either practise this meditation alone or with a friend. Either way, first take time to prepare your space. Create a beautiful, soft, sacred space where you can relax and make sure you won’t be disturbed. If alone, get comfortable and either be naked or with loose clothing on but no underwear. Take a hand mirror and position it so you can see your Yoni. Gaze at her for at least 20 minutes, taking in all aspects of her. As well as the physical, see if you can sense and feel her energetic essence, and her divine nature. How does it feel to see, sense and feel your Yoni in this way? After the 20 minutes is up, write about the experience in your journal and you may also want to draw a painting, write a poem, or do some other creative activity that represents the Yoni.

If with a friend, take it in turns to gaze at each other’s Yonis and share about the experience before writing in your journals and doing the creative activity.

For men and women

Prepare your space as above. The woman sits or lies comfortably with her legs open. The man sits directly in front of the woman so he can gaze directly onto her Yoni. Do this for 20 minutes. Afterwards bow down to each other and share your experience.

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  1. john says:

    I liked reading the above text.I would like to learn more about the same as i too believe that all life comes from the Holy,all Powerful and Divine YONI and that it should be Revered and Worshipped by all menlj

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