Reviews: ‘Vagina’ by Naomi Wolf

Sarita reviews a ground-breaking book on the Yoni by acclaimed author and social commentator Naomi Wolf.

VAGINA; A New Biography
By Naomi Wolf

This astonishingly inspiring book holds the information that has the potential to completely transform male and female relationships and through this, our entire world. In my opinion It is a MUST READ for every human adult, whether they be male or female.

I have been on the Tantra path for 40 years and teaching for the past 24 years. During all that time, I have been researching deeply into everything to do with sex, love and relating, and particularly in regards to how we can apply this to spiritual awakening. I am able to articulate this through the language of a Tantric approach to life. In my style of communicating eternal truths of the male/female dynamic, some persons will resonate, and some will choose not to listen, thinking this is all some kind of spiritual mumbo jumbo. In Naomi Wolf’s book, she offers facts about sexuality which cannot be discounted or refuted even by the scientifically minded person.

The backbone of the book is about her personal journey. She went to a specialist in the medical field because of an injury which caused problems with her sexual response. On questioning the specialist, she discovered facts about female anatomy that were so astonishing that she realised it is important to share these findings. This took her on a journey, visiting various scientists who study the brain and body in connection with human sexuality, doctors who specialise in various aspects of sexual anatomy, and practitioners of Tantric healing and Yoni massage. The entire book is packed full of cutting edge revelations about female arousal and the function of the orgasmic response, about male arousal, about what women want and need physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are some pages which are very painful to read, when she discusses the repercussions of rape and physical abuse or the damage done to psyche and body through porn addiction.

The wonderful thing about this book is that age old Tantric wisdom is backed up in every iota by scientific facts. This means that after reading this book, a woman will not have to say, “I wish he would bring me red roses. Aren’t I so old fashioned to desire this kind of sentimentality?” She will be able to affirm with the conviction born of fact: I get so aroused when he looks into my eyes and offers me a red rose.” Naomi has laid out loud and clear, all about those special effects necessary to turn on a woman. She calls this, “The Goddess Array.”

I am sure that any woman or man who reads this book will never be the same again. Life will take on a new glow and sex will finally find its rightful place as the essential ingredient for a holistic and joy-filled lifestyle. Women sense but don’t know for sure that our orgasms can catapult us into exalted states of consciousness. The proof that this is so is in this book. We have been waiting since Adam and Eve for this book.

One response to “Reviews: ‘Vagina’ by Naomi Wolf”

  1. teresa says:

    I agree with everything you said Sarita.
    A truly ground breaking book, backed up with science.
    I learnt a lot and so much has now fallen into place for me.
    I am much more aware now of how I feel and why I react.
    All women and men should read it.

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