Tales of Last Year & Welcoming the New

To all fellow travellers on the path of love; blessings for a very joyous, fulfilling and abundant New Year!

Sarita and AshwinAt the time of writing, I am in the Sarovaram Ayurvedic Retreat center and am covered in therapeutic oil and wearing a lunghi most of the time.
It is a really wonderful retreat center, on the edge of a huge lake. They grow most of their own food and herbs and the staff are all so nice and loving. I am very happy to be having this opportunity for rejuvenation. My friend Ashwin from Zorba the Buddha in Delhi is also here. It is the first time in his life he has ever gone for a detox and healing retreat and it is a revelation for him.

The Tantra Music and Dance Festival in Delhi which happened in the beginning of December, was really extraordinary. It became a veritable Buddhafield. Amazing! We had one dance performer, who was the best I have ever seen. Her name is Rama Vaidhyanathan, a world famous Bharat Natyam dancer. She was dancing Laila, a famous enlightened woman mystic from the Kashmiri Tantra tradition, (who Osho has spoken of.) It was phenomenal. She recited the poetry of Laila and then danced the poem. She literally became Laila in front of our eyes, and not only that, the presence of Laila could be felt by all. Many people including me were crying by the end of the performance, tears of joy and ecstasy.

We also had a husband and wife Baul Mystic team, who added so much colour and spice to the festival. Their dances and songs of ecstasy permeated the whole festival vibe. We had about equal Western and Indian and the it was so rich in everything that transpired, a true tapestry of transformation. Osho’s presence was very much felt throughout, as all the teachers are Sannyasins and his grace permeated everything. Next year’s festival is already scheduled; 17th – 23rd November 2014. There are more exciting events are planned in India during October and November, so stay tuned to the newsletter and schedule on the website for more details.

After the festival, I went to Nagpur to facilitate an Osho Meditation Camp. This was also very high energy. So much transpired on many levels. It was held on the banks of a lake about 50 miles from Nagpur, a very beautiful center. It was organised with a high degree of chaos, but the heart was in the right place and everything flowed relatively smoothly. The only real problem was the sound system which was horrible and only got fixed just before the Osho Sannyas celebration.

In addition to the camp, I went to visit the land friends bought, 60 miles from Nagpur, with plans to create a beautiful organic farm and eco village. It is a really magical land of 20 acres on the edge of a lake in a vast forested tribal region.

Sarita in the Sarovaram gardensAt the Ayurveda center, I am receiving 2 treatments per day with an obligatory, prescribed rest of one hour after each treatment. Therefore, rejuvenation to the max is the name of the game. I am soooo happy to have the time for this as it is really needed with such a hectic lifestyle as I normally have. I will be here till 1st January. The protocol includes a full on detox and purge, (better not to imagine what that may look like!) So as people in the West are drinking and feasting in the New Year, I will be purging out the old and beginning the New Year with a great sense of renewal on all levels.

I look forward to seeing many of you reading this somewhere in the world of Tantra and Meditation in the coming year.



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