Creativity: Celebrating Yoni

In the tradition of the Vagina Monologues, reclaiming that most profane of words for the female genitals, this is Tara’s exquisite ode to the Yoni.

Ode to My Cunt

Tantra Essence

Nature Yoni

O my cunt, my cunning cunt,
My slippery singing bird,
Creatrix and comforter,
I sing your praises!

To my provocative pussy,
Purveyor of pleasure,
I bedeck you with sweet scented flowers.

To my climax inducing clitoris,
Cheeky core of glistendom,
I raise up my voice and say hallelujah!

To my vivacious vulva,
Violet vixen and crimson queen,
I vow to have you ploughed whenever
You so desire

To my luscious labia
I promise lingering licks and soporific sighs

To my voracious and vertiginous vagina
I will offer the virile vajra of he who I love best

To my gorgeous G spot
Long may the throngs of glitterati gild your glowing greatness

To my secluded cervix,
Inner gateway to the mysteries,
I promise never to throw my cap at you again

To the wondrous life-giving womb
Simmering cauldron and jade palace
I salute your sacred hallows

To my honourable ovaries,
Seat of all the ancestors
And compact jewels of unimaginable possibilities
I pay homage

To my wise old woman,
Wizened and wordless,
But deep, rich and eternal
I bow down and worship.

©Hazel Loveridge

One response to “Creativity: Celebrating Yoni”

  1. anandavel says:

    Hi Sarita Mam,

    This is Anand from India. Good day. I went through your articals it is wonderful
    And I admiring about you.

    You came to India and met Reverend Osho and now you are giving most important thing which a woman feels delicate to explore to this world.

    Through your article I came to know wonderful things.

    My regards to you,

    Anandavel E.

    My cardial greetings to your explor.

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