Creativity: Honouring the Lingam

‘Standing In The Dawn Parade’ is Bruce Lyon’s funny, touching and straight-talking ode to the true nature of the Lingam. He calls for an end to shame, porn addiction and ego-based power.

Standing In The Dawn Parade

Tantra Essence

Mighty Lingam

What is wrong with a good hard on?
It’s a wonder men’s cocks can still lift at all
under all the dark quilts of shame
sometimes I think the best part of men
lies half dead in grey suits under board room tables
or buried in black cassocks in the bowels of the Vatican
while stiff-necked dickheads mind-fuck each other
and our whole world

The brave and vulnerable erection
a celebration of life and the sap of spring
when unable to lift in the body of our delight
hardens our arteries and opinions instead
rising in the shadow lands of politics and porn

listen all you false accusers and dispensers of blame
to the inverse law of the phallus
the more men try to keep the towers of the ego standing
hard for all seasons – the limper our dicks will become

A standing cock is a beautiful and ephemeral thing
more like a breaking wave
or a prayer of praise
than a monument of stone
but the rock-hard edifice of shame-stoked
viagra-charged compensatory
world domination ego projects?
well that is another story
Aphrodite has no power there
and Hades must and will crack those nuts open

there will come again a day
after nature has humbled
our brittle ambitions to live forever
when the flies will open
and the phalli will be more welcome
in the heaven of this life
than any dreams of immortality
in some future one.

Bruce Lyon

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