Meditation of the Month: Sex to Superconsciousness

This meditation uses the energy of the Lingam to open up the channel from sex to spirit. It can be done by men or women. For men, you can sense and feel your physical Lingam.

Shiva lingam

Lingam Is!

For women, you can practice the same meditation, but instead of imagining a Lingam of Light, you can sense into your Yoni, your sacred place. Sense and imagine that your Yoni is expanding to fill your whole body and being. You are being penetrated by the sky, the sun, the mountains, rivers and oceans. You are the Beloved of the whole of life.

Step One

Prepare your meditation space. Use a red light and musk scent to create the ambiance of the first chakra. Sit comfortably with a straight back. Close your eyes and visualise the power of your Lingam. Imagine it as a wand of light. Feel the warmth of your Lingam becoming increasingly radiant. Let this radiance spread to fill your entire body.

Step Two

Say out loud three times, “I am Lingam!” Really feel and visualise your whole body as one gigantic Lingam. Your head, everything, has disappeared. You are simply one great Lingam. Allow yourself to disappear. Only Lingam is.

Step Three

Allow your body as Lingam to express its unique energy. You may find yourself wild or silent. Express it fully with your body, your voice. If lust possesses you or if you become an animal, allow it. Penetrate the sky, the whole Universe. If you become a God of all creation, allow it. Lingam is all of these. You are Lingam.

Step Four

When the energy peaks, sit or lie down and bring it all to your Third Eye. This centre of energy is connected to the pineal gland and brings you into direct contact with your intuition. This opens the channel of energy from the base to the top of the spine. The energy of sex is this transformed into superconsciousness. The more wild and total you are in the first steps, the deeper your experience in this step. Let yourself go into a deep, restful state.

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