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Sarita was blown away by ‘Kali’s Odiyya’, a true story about the essence of love, Tantra, Kali worship and union of body and soul, all set in a dramatic and changing historical context.

Kali’s Odiyya; A Shaman’s True Story Of Initiation

By Amarananda Bhairavan

Tantra Essence

Kali’s Odiyya

Sometimes a book comes along that rocks my world. This is such a book. It reads as a mysterious Tantric initiation, a thriller, a romance, a mind-bending peek into other dimensions, and a historical treatise revealing a hidden and secret world teetering on edge of dramatic and sweeping change.

The author is humble, sincere and clear as he recounts his personal story, of having been raised in a remote village in South India. All the persons of the village were devotees of the Goddess Kali, both in her benevolent and horrific aspects. The author’s aunt was also a secret initiatress in the arts and science of Tantra and the author is raised as a Tantric adept from a very young age. His profoundly touching love affair with his young cousin is told in such a way that we are exposed to the very soul of love. The lovers bond is formed through a deep Tantric communion of body and spirit.

Amazing rituals and other forms of initiation are described in exquisite detail. The formless world of spirit beyond death and the mastery of these mysterious realms are revealed, something, which is almost impossible to achieve through writing.

To have an ineffable taste of this masterful offering, here is a chant from the book.

“My Goddess
Possess me every moment of my life
Open my heart to your love at all times
Dissolve my little self and smear it across
The empyrean spaces of your divine heart
Let me merge in your love, and never separated”

It is a simple fact that if you read this book your worldview will be expanded and transformed forever.

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