Meditation of the Month: Minding the Gap

Though designed for lovers, this meditation can also be done alone in connection with the inner beloved. If with your lover you may begin in Yab Yum, lying in Lovers’ Embrace or seated in Womens’ Delight. In Womens’ Delight the woman sits astride her man with her back against his chest. There is an option for the man’s Lingam to be inside her Yoni throughout the meditation. It is important to remain in silence to enhance the effect of the meditation. The solo lover can begin sitting or lying inviting in the presence of the inner man or woman.

To practise this meditation:

Begin by breathing together in sync. Bring awareness to the gap between the in breath and outbreath and pause slightly. Similarly at the end of the exhale bring your awareness and again pause slightly. If you are in Womens’ Delight the man can rest his hand lightly for two minutes on each of the woman’s chakras beginning with her Yoni and moving upwards through belly, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras all deliciously slowly while minding the gap between the in and outbreath.

Solo lovers, you may be graced by your inner lover’s presence in the sweetest, subtlest way and if that doesn’t happen just enjoy the pure bliss of surrendering into the depths of your being.


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