Ask Sarita: Open to Higher Consciousness


Is higher consciousness our soul or is it connecting to our soul?


Illustration by Marina Petro

Illustration by Marina Petro


Dear Savanna,
When I use the words higher consciousness, it is mainly used as a generic term which envelops multi-possibilities. For some people, it could mean their Soul. For others it could mean their Higher Self. For another it may mean Angelic Beings. For someone else it could mean God. And it could also be a term to denote a guide or Guru. It is important that as we grow in spiritual awareness that we are able to connect to a quality of being which is beyond our small egoic mind. The term higher consciousness refers to that space beyond the mind. As we open to this space in meditation, it doesn’t really matter what label we give it. Someone feels an affinity with Tara while another may feel an affinity with Mother Mary. Someone may prefer to sense higher self and another may feel at ease with sensing their soul. Whatever you feel good with as a state of being, is fine. The most important thing is to expand awareness into sensing the beyond.

As long as we believe that the mind is the boss of our lives, we are doomed to live in past and future. When we expand our awareness to include higher consciousness, we are able to realise that the mind is simply a bio computer which has a very refined ability to store and catalog data / memories, etc. However, if it is the boss, our life experience will be limited to memories of the past and projections into the future. When we open to higher consciousness, and recognise consciousness as the king of our inner world, we are able to live life passionately, in this very moment. Being in the moment brings tremendous joy and creativity. In essence, being aware of higher consciousness helps us to realise that the microcosm contains the macrocosm. I have heard Osho say, “The body is the soul made visible.”




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