International Tantra Festival in Ibiza

Santoshi and Niten are thrilled to be hosting the first International Tantra Festival (23-28 September 2014) on this beautiful Spanish island! A cast of internationally renowned teachers in the field of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Dance and Music, including Sarita, have been invited to share their unique talent.


Praful, one of the musicians, on basuri

They say: “Our vision is to support people from all walks of life to discover and be transformed by the richness and the profound healing power of Tantra. All in an atmosphere of joy and celebration! Whether you are single, wishing to meet like-minded participants or as a couple longing to deepen your intimacy, beginners or advanced Tantra adepts, all are welcome!”

This year’s theme will be: Sex, Love and Spirit: Celebration of Life. Each day, the programme will offer 3 workshops running simultaneously, giving everyone an opportunity to discover each facilitator and their unique style of teaching. Also included are daily active meditations, healing lounge and a variety of private healing sessions.

In addition to that, they have selected some of the best DJs in Ibiza to host Ecstatic Dance events as well as an unforgettable Live Music Experience with world class musicians (one of which is Praful).

The festival will take place in an exquisite location in the northern part of the island, overlooking breath-taking sea views, far away from turbulent clubs and commercial areas.

“Come and celebrate yourself with us!”

“Live, Love and Celebrate as if there’s no tomorrow!”


Tantra workshops
Opening & Closing Tantric Ritual
Dance workshops
Daily Sharings
Morning Meditation Practises
Yoga/Stretching morning sessions
Night Live Music Events
Private Healing Lounge
Chill-out area


Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita
Bruce Lyon
Baba Dez Nichols
Santoshi Amor
Dhyan Niten
Shashi Solluna
Jan den Boer
Carmen Enguita
Michel Riu
De’an Matuka
Malaika MaVeena

Time and Location

Registration will open from 4pm onward on the day of 23rd Sept 2014
Official Opening Ceremony will start at 8.30pm
The Festival will end on the 28th Sept after lunch time (3pm)

The place where the festival will be held is called “Alla Dins”, which, translated from Ibicenco (the local dialect) means “There, deep, inside…” Isn’t it the best place to be for a Tantra adept?

Alla Dins is an isolated apartment complex in the north of the island, far away from clubs and tourist activities. It is located on the top of a cliff overlooking breath taking infinite sea view. Just a few meters down, a short walk through wild forest will take you to a huge, magnificent natural cave, ideal spot to retreat in silence or snuggle with your lover…

The closest sandy beach is about 10 minutes walk from the festival grounds. The program will allow everyone to enjoy beach walk and swimming.

Prices and Accommodation

• Option A (4 sharing): 450€
• Option B (3 sharing): 520€
• Option C (2 sharing): 750€
• Option D (Single): 950€

Note: All prices are for 6 nights package deal, including food, accommodation and entrance ticket.


Our staff will provide 3 meals /day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Our chefs are professionally trained to prepare delicious vegetarian meals with optional dairy products and eggs. We aim to source organic products which are locally grown on the island, depending on availability. If you would like to consume non-vegetarian food, we recommend you do it in the nearby restaurants, located just a few minutes walk outside the festival grounds.

The Festival is an Alcohol/Drugs Free Zone.

Booking and info:


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