Little Ernie

Little Ernie goes up to his father after school one day. “Dad,” says Ernie, “the teacher started talking about economics today and I don’t understand a thing.”

“Well,” says his father thinking for a moment. “Put it this way: In this household, I bring in the money, so I am capital. Your mom does the housekeeping; that is management. The maid does the work – she is labour. And your baby brother, well, he is the future.”

Little Ernie wakes up in the middle of the night when his baby brother screams to have his diaper changed. Ernie goes to his parents’ room to find his mother fast asleep. He then goes to the maid’s room to find his father making love to the maid. So he changes the diaper himself.

As he gets back into bed, little Ernie reflects, “Now, I understand economics. Management is asleep, capital is screwing labour and the future stinks.”

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  1. Supragya says:

    Love the jokes in the newsletter each month.

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