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Sarita has been, and is still, travelling the world from one Tantra Festival to the other. Soon she will be living in two Tantra eco villages and, in this article, she expresses her enthusiasm in seeing that Tantra is indeed spreading to all corners of the world.

Cacao Ceremony

As I begin writing this blog, the Cacao Ceremony just ended in The Tantra Festival in Poland. When carefully prepared raw cacao takes hold of our senses, love becomes omnipresent in the space and the effervescence of love finds many expressions through the 80 people in the room. Some friends are dancing, some sitting in Yab Yum, some holding meaningful conversations, finding their way to dive deeper into heart space by baring their soul to someone they may never have spoken to before. There is a quality of innocence and wonder pervading the whole room as we rediscover what it means to be in love and indeed, to become love itself.

At the Tantra Festival in Delhi, 2013

At the Tantra Festival in Delhi, 2013

Tantra Festivals Around The World

During Tantra festivals, people who may never have known what the word Tantra means, discover their pagan roots and open like a flower in the sun, to a conscious celebration of Sexuality, Love and Spirituality. Often, we hear the remark during festivals, “If only we could live like this all the time!”

Some people travel from festival to festival throughout the summer season and it is always a joy to see familiar faces soaking up the Tantra vibe. I happen to be instrumental in offering consultancy for the creation of many festivals, and increasingly there is a harmony of purpose between the various Tantra Teachers who come to share their abundant gifts with those who gather from far and wide.

We teachers attend each other’s workshops and there is a spirit of co-operation and flow as we design our work to be safe, uplifting, nourishing and ecstatic for participants. I have noticed that the more in harmony and aligned the teachers are at any festival, the more the whole festival bubbles as love champagne, infusing everyone with a spirit of delight and ease together. At the best festivals, teachers meet together each day and share our personal journey of the moment, and from that space, co-create the flow of the festival.

The Polish Festival is held in the lake district of Poland, in beautiful countryside. The venue is a miracle of love, even if the schedule is quite chaotic! A very touching aspect of this festival is that several teachers from Israel are here. Not far from the venue is the Auschwitz concentration camp. Some of the teachers had relatives who were killed there. As an integral part of the festival, we are offering healing to the land and the people, infusing these with our divine Tantric integration.

Tantra teachers at Osho Leela UK

Tantra teachers at Osho Leela UK

It has been several days since I wrote the above paragraph. Now, I am on a train going to London after the amazing Osho Leela Tantra Festival held in Dorset, UK. The vibe and the ability of teachers and organizers to hold a loving, sensual and uplifting space is really amazing.

This festival is unique in all the world because we are graced with several factors that make it a special event. The Osho Leela community hold a container of love and presence that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

The teachers are divine beings who know how to maintain professional integrity while being full of love and wisdom. We have the added gift to have musician and songwriter Tarisha who composes a new festival song each time. Each day, as the festival progresses, she adds a new part to the song, till finally, by the last day, we have 100 people singing a 5 or 6 part harmony. I am blown away!

In this festival, I co-facilitated a Cacao Ceremony together with Devaraj and Tarisha and what happened in that sacred space was the experience of Heaven on Earth. Stay tuned to the newsletter, as Devaraj and I are thinking to offer more of these ceremonies in the future. It is truly irresistible!

And by the way, the food at the Osho Leela Tantra Festival is the best in the world!!

Santoshi and Niten

In Ibiza with Santoshi and Niten

Later in July is the French Tantra Festival held at the gorgeous Chateau Bellevue where I live. The French spirit of Joy of Life is very much present as we step out of time into the eternal now! And by the way, you may be surprised to know that all these festivals are international, drawing an increasingly multicultural assembly of people.

At these festivals, I become very aware that the reality of human beings, beyond our conditioning, is that of loving co-operation that transcends national and political boundaries.

In early August, I will be going to teach at the Ängsbacka Tantra Festival in Sweden. Wow! Is the best word for it. Ängsbacka is famous for the international No-Mind Festival and now they have added many more themed festivals to their program, one of which is on Tantra. You may have seen the film on Ängsbacka, called Three Miles North of Molkolm. It is a documentary, which happens to be a comedy as well. The festival scene is so wild and wacky that it activates belly laughter in the viewer. And yet, just by seeing it, we are transformed and a desire arises to become wild and wacky ourselves!

In September is the first ever Ibiza Tantra Festival organised by my friends, Santoshi and Niten. Ibiza has a magical magnetic pull for people from all over the world, and this festival is already booked out! It appears that for next year they will have to find a much bigger venue as this one only holds 200 people and there is much more demand than that! I am positive that this festival will be a veritable explosion of ecstasy (not the drug, but the real thing!).

And last but not least, in November, I will be teaching at the Osho International Festival of Tantra, Music and Dance in Delhi. This one holds a very special place in my heart. India was the birthplace of Tantra and the experience of holding Tantra groups there is very much the snake eating its tail. My experience during this festival is: the Source is the Goal, the Beginning is the Ending and Sex and Samadhi are one. It is sheer delight to witness and be part of the cultural shift taking place as Indians melt and merge with Western brothers and sisters into an amazing celebration of life.

At all the festivals I teach at, there is the added dimension of live music and concerts by multi talented musicians.

At the Tantra Festival in Delhi, 2013

At the Tantra Festival in Delhi, 2013

A New Golden Age for India

Everyone who reads the news knows about recent incidents of sexual violence in India. My own theory behind this is that the old Victorian repressive attitudes that most Indians are raised with cannot handle the exposure to extreme porno, which is so easily available on the internet. The cultural clash is too shocking for the Indian conditioned mind and the result is extreme outbursts of sexual violence. The healing for this situation is a solid, widespread and compassionate education in meditation oriented Tantra.

India can once again find her place as the role model for a sane, balanced and celebrative culture, blending Tantra, Yoga and Auyurveda. I am very much looking forward to being part of this new Golden Age! You may not believe this will be possible in our life-time, but I see tremendous hope for this vision coming closer and closer!

If such a culture can become a reality during a 7-day festival, it is certainly possible for it to become a way of life! As John Lennon says: “You may think I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Remember, God created the world in 7 days! So, my logic is, during festivals, we are creating the new world in 7 days!

A Remarkable Evolution of Consciousness

And not only that, I see a pattern emerging which is really remarkable. I will use my own spiritual evolution as an example of this, which I believe mirrors the evolution of many other people in the personal development movement.

When I came to Osho in 1973, I was intent on healing my own inner crises state and finding the essence of life. I remember Osho saying, “You may have come here to solve your own problems, but I am cooking something else!” I meditated deeply, just going in, deeper and deeper for 17 years. When I had dived deep enough to experience ever flowing source, this experience became a fountain of love and compassion, which expressed itself in offering healing sessions and teaching healing groups. This then metamorphosed into offering Tantra groups, a sharing which arose out of my years of diving deeply into Tantra meditation.

The teaching became oceanic as I began travelling to many countries throughout the world. From the groups and subsequent apprenticeship of several adepts, more teachers emerged, till we became a team, a Tantra family, spreading the joy of Tantra to many more countries throughout the world. And from there, Tantra Festivals began popping up like mushrooms in many different countries.

Land for eco village in India

Land for eco village in India

Tantra Eco Villages

And just this year, a new development is spreading like a wildfire of love around the world! A long held dream is coming to life and surpassing my wildest imagination! Tantra communities and eco villages are now being born!

Just as I am a consultant for many Tantra Festivals, similarly, I now find myself in the position of being consultant, midwife and birth giver for the creation of Tantra eco villages!

It started with one in India, where I am having a home built. Before agreeing to live in this new Osho Eco Village, I had a session with a renowned psychic to ask her if this was a good direction for me. She laughed a big belly laugh and said, “Honey, you are going to give birth to 6 eco villages! Not just one! The guides are laughing and saying it could have been 10! But they are compassionate with you and are telling me that they need to allow you a little slack. But the truth is, you will never retire! You will be very busy giving birth and being instrumental in the formation of these eco villages!”

Within a remarkably short time after that session, I was asked to become part of an eco Tantra Community in Crete, to offer consulting for one in Portugal, and to go and teach at one which is emerging in Hawaii. In addition to this, my friend Shashi would like to create one in Bali, and just yesterday, Santoshi told me she has a clear vision to create one in Ibiza!

My aim is to live 6 months of the year in India in the eco village my friends and I are co-creating, and 6 months in Crete in the eco community some other friends and I are co-creating. It appears it is my destiny to bridge the energies of East and West!

The Exponential Spread of Tantra

The growth of Tantra in the world is moving exponentially towards a liberated and enlightened way of life, in tune with joy, sensuality, love and consciousness.

And amazingly, just recently, my team and I have been invited to teach the first ever ‘Corporate Tantra Training’. This is a remarkable new step. If corporate people begin tasting the spaciousness of Tantra, the genius of the heart will begin permeating the world of commerce. In our present time, it is commerce that rules this world through a greed-based political structure. It is my prayer that we can reawaken human beings of the commercial world to values based on love, caring, sharing and connection with all of life. Tantra holds the magic key for a golden future, a future where the base metal of greed is transformed into the pure gold of conscious love.

I invite everyone to join the ‘Lovolution!’ And it all begins with a Tantra group or a Tantra Festival……

Article by Sarita

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  1. Barbara Day says:

    Thank you Sarita for all your beautiful info in this February issue – most helpful. Love and many blessings xxxx

  2. Barbara Day says:

    Thank you for all the love and inspiration.
    God luck and all best wishes for all your future plans.

    Love, peace and joy.
    Barbara Day

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    good job,
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    Amazing stuff. I just feel Tantra is everything. It is like brearth coming inside and going out.

    I want to attend your event.

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    love, love, love

  6. Olga says:

    Greetings, could you please share more information about the eco tantra community in Grete? Many Thanks, Olga

    • Sarita says:

      Hello Olga. I am working on creating a Tantra Community wherever this may be possible in the world. I have two possible places now, one in Bali and one in Thessaloniki, Halkadiki Peninsula. I am working with an investor on this. If you know of any investors, who would be interested, this can speed up the process. Love, Sarita

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