Osho: One seed can make a whole earth green

One seed can make a whole earth green.

One small sparkle of energy in you can fill the whole earth with dance, song, music.

Just a little sparkle is enough.

If you know how to expand it, it can become a wildfire.

It may be just a little flame within you.

Meditation is nothing but an effort to expand your inner flame so that you can become afire, aflame, aglow, overflowing.

There will be a science, but totally different than the science that has been produced by repressed sexuality. There will be a qualitative change. This science is destructive because it has come out of perversion; it is perverted sexual energy which has become nuclear energy. When it comes out of meditation, overflowing love, it will be creative science – a totally different science which we are not even aware of.

This whole scientific project has to be dropped because it is bringing you closer and closer to death.

Anything that goes against sex will bring death closer to you, because sex is life. […]

My people have to keep the innocence of the Zorbas, of the children, of the aboriginals. They have to be as innocent as Adam was when he was turned out of the garden of Eden.

And yet they have to learn methods of expanding the seed of consciousness in them to such a luxurious growth, that as far as you can see, you can see only yourself flowering. You can feel your fragrance twenty-four hours a day; and not only can you feel it, you cannot help it: you will have to share it. Whether you want to or not, that does not matter.

When a rose flower opens, the fragrance starts spreading. It does not ask the permission of the rose flower, there is no need. The very opening of the rose flower is the permission for the fragrance to spread to all the directions, to all the winds.

The moment your consciousness flowers in meditation there is a tremendous explosion.

Yes, you will have music, but it will have a spiritual quality to it.

You will have dance, but your dance will not be sexual. The repressed society has many kinds of dances but they are all sexual, perverted sex.

You will have poetry, but your poetry will not be just unsatisfied sexual lust. It will be a fulfilled love. Your poetry will become like the mantras of the Upanishads. Each word coming out of your fulfillment will catch something of what I call godliness.

You will have a science which will be creative, helpful to life.

You will have everything – but with a different quality.

Up to now those two societies have existed. We are not going to be either of them.

We are the third alternative – for the first time proposed in the world.

Nobody has ever dared to think of man as Zorba the Buddha. Neither Zorba had any idea of Buddha nor Buddha had any idea of Zorba. Both are half.

I want you to be the whole man.

To me the whole man is the only holy man there is.


Osho, From Darkness to Light, Ch. 24 (excerpt)

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