Osho: Accept the Godliness of Sex

My own understanding is that man had his first ever glimpse of samadhi, of meditation, in moments of lovemaking – nowhere else. It was only in moments of lovemaking that human beings realized for the first time that so much bliss was possible.



Those who meditated on this truth, those who reflected deeply upon the phenomenon of sex, of lovemaking, saw that in moments of lovemaking at the climax, the mind becomes empty of thoughts, and is the cause of the showering of divine bliss. They had discovered the secret.

They had also discovered the secret that if the mind could be freed from thoughts through some other process, the same bliss can be attained. From this developed the system of yoga and of no-mind that gave birth to meditation, to prayerfulness. At the root of all this is the experience of lovemaking. Thus human beings came to experience that the mind can be stilled, that the mind can be freed of thoughts without going into sex and that the same bliss that happens in sex can be attained. Moreover, one can be in the experience of lovemaking only for a limited time because it is a dissipation and release of energy, but one can remain in the experience of meditation continuously.

I want to tell you that one who attains to meditation experiences the same bliss around the clock which a couple experiences in the moments of orgasm. But there is no basic difference between the bliss of the two. He who said that vishayanand and brahmanand, the bliss through indulgence of the senses and the bliss through entering the divine are uterine brothers, has certainly stated a truth. Both are born from the same womb. They are both born out of the same experience. They were right.

So the first principle I want to give to you is that if you wish to know the phenomenon called love, the first key is that you accept the sacredness, the divinity, the godliness of sex with a total heart, with your full heart. And the more whole-heartedly you accept sex, the freer you will become of it. The more non-acceptance there is, the more bound you become to it….

The greater the acceptance the freer we become. The total acceptance of life, of all that is natural in life, I call religiousness. And it is this religiousness that liberates a person.

This is an excerpt from Sex to Superconsciousness by Osho and is available from www.tantrashop.co.uk

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