Review: Meditation – The First and Last Freedom

A Practical Guide To Meditation

Sarita reviews the compilation of meditation techniques devised by the enlightened mystic Osho.

Meditation The First and Last Freedom by Osho

Meditation The First and Last Freedom by Osho

This book, expertly compiled from Osho’s discourses by a disciple named Wadud, offers a maverick vision and understanding of meditation. Osho is a radically compassionate master and his methods of meditation are so potent that they serve to positively transform not only individuals but society as a whole. Anyone starting on the path of meditation and anyone who seeks a more comprehensive understanding of meditation and enlightenment will benefit from this book. The book is chock full of meditation methods and also offers delightful anecdotes and inspiring answers to questions about meditation. Osho is a pioneer in the world of meditation. He developed active meditations for the people of today’s world to let go of stress through physical movement and emotional release, thereby facilitating a deeper entry into silence. Centuries of repression are transformed into a celebrative life attitude through his approach to meditation. This book is a treasure. You can dip into it again and again to find your way in the light of Osho’s infinite wisdom.

The book is available in the UK from Osho Purnima where you can order by phone:

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