Welcome Home Wellness Retreat

Sarita invites you to her home for the Wellness Retreat
2-6 July 2014 at Chateau Bellevue, Dole, France
with Sarita, Nisarga & master chef Niten

When I meet people in conferences, groups or individual sessions all over the world, one of the common questions I am asked is; “What is your youthing and beauty secret?” When I explain about my 5 pronged approach to wellness, I can see that many people feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information. Because so many people are interested in this subject, and because it is easier for people to learn by experience rather than intellectual knowledge, I offer the Welcome Home Wellness Retreat.
At the entrance to Chateau Bellevue - Sarita looks forwardIn this retreat, you will have direct experience of my 5 beauty and youthing secrets:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Green smoothies and organic Vegan Cuisine
  • Massage
  • Walking in Nature

I invite you to come and hang out with me, my co-teacher Nisarga and Chef extraordinaire Niten, in the informal, friendly atmosphere of my home. This is an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge of your body and receive helpful tips on caring for your health in simple easy to learn ways.

39700nature200While walking in nature, some people may like to have a chat with me or Nisarga about personal subjects, dear to your heart. Dropping into meditation each morning, nurtures body and soul to become aligned. In this way it is natural to let go of stress and find the direction in life, which best serves, your soul purpose.

The daily massage in this Retreat is a true transformational experience. Through massage, we discover our body’s natural inclination for being nurtured, loved and pampered. In such a milieu, stress melts like dew in the morning sun.

We emerge from this retreat, renewed, detoxed, relaxed and healthier with lots of positive options to choose from for rebooting your life.

Welcome Home to your true nature! I look forward to seeing you there.

Love, Sarita

Pricing & Payment

The group fee is 450 Euros or the pounds sterling equivalent at the time of booking.

Food and accommodation costs

Single room ensuite EUR 412
Single room shared bathroom EUR 372
Double room ensuite EUR 332
Double room shared bathroom EUR 296
Triple room ensuite EUR 312
Triple room shared bathroom EUR 288
Dormitory (minimum 4 people) EUR 256

All prices are per person. All meals during the retreat will be organic vegetarian and will be sugar and garlic free. Particular dietary requirements: Vegan/Wheat free/Gluten free can be catered for by prior arrangement. Please specify.

The first meal included in these prices is dinner on the first day. If you wish to have lunch before the group begins please let the Chateau Bellevue know.

Extra breakfast before or after the group EUR 8
Extra meal before or after the group EUR 15

Please ask about daily rates for each type of room if you wish to arrive early or stay on after the end of the group. The accommodation needs to be booked with Chateau Bellevue direct after you have booked and sent the deposit (or the full amount) of the tuition costs to Supragya.

Please contact Shyam Proietto by email at info@domainechateaubellevue.com
or by phone at +33 (0) 384728235

Payment for food and accommodation is required in Euros on arrival at the Chateau.

Download the Workshop flyer for more information and/or the booking form

Chateau Bellevue

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