Meditation of the Month: The Magic of Silent Witnessing

This meditation method is a lifelong companion. It offers an umbilical cord effect of keeping one plugged into source.

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Choose a place where you will be left undisturbed. If you would like, choose a special place where you can sit each day. The positive charge of your meditation will enhance the vibrational field of the area you meditate in and you can build up a sacred field for transformation through daily meditation there.

Sit on a cushion, a zaphoo or a mat, with your bum raised at a comfortable angle for your body type. Cross your legs with one foot on the meditation mat and one foot resting on your opposite thigh. This position is called the ‘half lotus.’

If this position is uncomfortable you can sit in a chair, which offers enough support that your spine can remain straight throughout the meditation.

You can set a clear intention that you will be sitting without movement or sound for 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 1 hour, depending on how much time is available for you.

Sense that your crown chakra has a golden thread, which is attached from the sky above and your body is being suspended by this thread from above. This will help to lengthen and straighten your spine. Furthermore, you can let your lower belly relax slightly forward, which will help your lower back to straighten in an easy way. Your hands can be placed right hand inside the left on your lap, thumbs touching.

Phase 1) Bring awareness to your breathing. Notice the rising and falling of the breath in the belly if you are a woman. If you are a man, notice how the breath feels as it enters the nostrils and leaves the nostrils. Throughout your meditation, invite your attention to keep coming back to the sensation of breathing, as your anchor.

Phase 2) Allow yourself to enter into a state of being a detached observer of your breath, and you can also include observing your mind, sensations in your body, and your emotions. It is as if you are on a hilltop, observing the traffic passing down below. As you witness, it is important to remain impartial, without judgments about what you are witnessing.

Thoughts may come and go, bodily sensations, including pain or discomfort, pleasure or ecstasy may come and go; simply remain an impartial witness. Emotional states may whirl through you, like a strong wind. Just remain silent witnesses of all the phenomena that are happening.

Phase 3) It is possible that in certain moments during your meditation, thoughts will cease and you will find yourself falling into a deep abyss of silence and pure presence. This state creates fear in some people as it reminds us of what it is like to let go into death. However, if you can allow yourself to simply let go into this void space, you will be able to taste that which is beyond time and mind, the soul and spirit aspects of your being. You can simply rest in this state of pure presence, trusting the infinite wisdom of life to bring you safely back to your physical reality in just the right moment.

One thing is certain, once you have tasted this space of deep meditation, you will know what it means to be one with the whole, one with the divine. It is in void space that we are calibrated to source and recharged, body, mind and soul.

Each time we allow ourselves to bathe in this space of deep meditation, it becomes an eternal pearl on our necklace of life. As you go on meditating, more and more pearls will be added to your necklace. The more pearls are added; simultaneously wisdom and bliss will go on increasing. This blissful wisdom is not coming from the egoic mind, it is arising directly from source. You will find yourself growing younger and more innocent, as well as blissful and wise, the more your experience of meditation deepens.

I highly encourage every human being to give yourself the gift of regular meditation practice.


Sarita will be teaching the magic of Silent Meditation during the Welcome Home Wellness Retreat being held at the Chateau Bellevue, 2nd – 6th of July 2014.

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