Ask Sarita : Does Physical illness have spiritual reasons?

Dear Sarita.

Is it true that all physical illnesses have spiritual reasons? For instance one gets sick and dies in a very bad condition and suffers from disease and struggling with life miseries for ages until death but another one has a very silent and wealthy life and dies in good physical condition and health.

Do all these happen due to their personal acts and behaviors in life? Are all these, consequences of their own crowded minds and busy and conflicting thoughts and behaviors? Can we say “for example” they are in bad situation because they were bad people, And these are all reactions of their prior actions?

Hello Koorosh,

Thank you for your interesting question.

Physical illness has several possible reasons.
1) An unhealthy toxic diet / unhealthy toxic air / or unhealthy toxic water
2) Dehydration (not enough fresh pure water). A normal person needs minimum 6–8 glasses of fresh, not boiled, water every
day in order to remain healthy.
2) Lack of exercise
3) Parasites
4) Toxic Mind
5) Repression of emotions, including carrying feelings of bitterness, stress, anger, and sadness which never find their way to be released.

The toxic mind and emotions may come from incomplete issues from this life or incomplete issues from a previous life.

It is also possible that the person is heavily burdened by ancestral patterns, i.e. they are carrying the incomplete issues passed on to them by their parents or other ancestors.

In general, when healing is done, it is necessary to heal both the physical and the psychological, emotional aspects of a person.

In terms of one person living a peaceful life and dying in good health and another living and dying in great misery, there are also various reasons.

Each one of us chooses the life we will have, before we enter into the womb of our mother. These choices are made according to the Karmic pattern we carry. Existence, or the divine within us, will always and in every case wish to move towards harmony and wholeness. Our innate soul calling will always be to make life choices that are in tune with sourceSpiritual illness. However, as we grow up, we do not always have the inner resources to be able to hear the directions coming from our soul. The way the soul communicates with us on a physical level is through the heart. And much education that human beings go through is designed to turn us against an intuitive heart based understanding of life. Therefore, many people may go through life never being able to find their soul direction. And if we are not following our soul calling we will certainly be very miserable indeed. When someone is stuck in a mind oriented rather than heart oriented lifestyle, and can see no way out, then their innermost being may choose to develop a degenerative disease. Their deep subconscious may be saying, “The only way out of this situation is death.” If someone has a degenerative disease, it is very helpful in regards to healing to make a radical change in the way they live their life.

About being a bad person or not: no one came from source as a bad person. However, it may happen that the soul of the person carries so much unfinished business that they are afraid to turn within to do the healing work needed to release the issues. They may cover up the pain they are carrying by becoming more and more unconscious, entering into a vicious cycle of pain which seems to have no end. In a sense, such a person is saying through their actions; “I cannot face the pain I am carrying and will therefore self destruct.” Another kind of person may be saying through their actions, “I cannot face the pain I am carrying and will therefore release it in instalments by causing pain to others.” Such persons are badly in need of deep physical, emotional and psychological healing.

Some souls who have spent one or several lives covering up their pain by doing harm to others may choose in a certain life to suffer all the pain they have caused others through some horrible illness in order to purge it and bring a sense of balance within.

An interesting true story just to give you an idea of how this functions:
A hit man was in a phone booth speaking on the phone in order to get the directions for his next assignment. While on the phone the phone line was hit by lightning and the lightning entered into the man’s ear. He immediately fell down dead. After sometime he came back to life, with a full recall of what had happened when he was dead. He went to a realm of unconditional light and love. In that space, he met the people he had killed and the friends, lovers and relatives of those he had killed. The space of universal love he found himself in propelled him to feel and experience all the pain he had caused to all of those people. When he came back to life, he found his new mission in life, to travel the world and let people know that all the actions one has done come back to them and that life is meant to be lived in love.

I hope with all of these insights that you have discovered your answers.

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