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Today, I woke up at 6am and read the following words of Osho.

“The body is the visible soul and the soul is the invisible body”.
“A totally new kind of education is needed in the world where fundamentally everybody is introduced into the silences of the heart – in other words, into meditation – and where everybody has to be prepared to be compassionate to his or her own body”.
I was captivated by the mood of beauty and the appreciation of mystery in his words. Once again my chosen path was affirmed.

roxanaGrowing up as a child in a Muslim family the body was something to be covered up, kept clean and obedient to the values of my family. Spirituality lay elsewhere; the body was to be made a servant of the longing for spiritual connection.
Now as a woman in her forties looking back over my life through the lens of the relationship I have with my body I find the closer I come to my body, the vaster the peace, joy and pleasure I experience.
The more my crown chakra flowers the more rooted and alive I feel in my yoni. Tantra reveals its marriage of opposites in my flesh and blood sensate experience. Sacredness finds its home everywhere. I see how this is the core message that pulses passionately through all my workshops, especially those for women. As women, to come home to our body, to discover this very body as divine from our own inner lived experience is a profound balm and antidote to the trivialization, commercialization and pornification of the female form that the modern world projects.
The essence of this antidote is consciousness. Awareness unlocks the wisdom of the body, the mystery of the body. When we are educated to live in our body with awareness, the body becomes healthier, more alive, a place of sensing, knowing, feeling and being. Pleasure, fulfilment and happiness naturally expand as we do this.


1. Become aware of the attitudes you hold towards your body

These usually lie below our conscious awareness and have tremendous influence over our body. Simply becoming aware of them actually begins to free us of the grip of these attitudes. From here we have more freedom to make positive life choices for ourselves.
Whilst growing up we are fed all sorts of negative messages about our body and sexuality from family, culture and religion. To cleanse ourselves by becoming aware of these is vital for our happiness in relationship and sex. As a woman I notice that the picture the media presents of what it means to be sexual is a two-dimensional vision of woman, fixated on the mission of man pleasing or orgasm hunting and on top of these directives she must conform to strict body-size and shape requirements. How much of these messages do we internalize? What messages do men internalize? How does this impact our happiness in sex and relationship? What happens to our amazing female orgasmic nature if these messages come in? Unearthing our true female sexuality from underneath the cardboard templates we are taught to admire is essential to find the wonder of our own unique sexual nature. “If people were in their bodies, nobody would miss that beauty called orgasm; if people were in their bodies, they would know God’s first glimpses through their orgasmic experiences”. Osho

2.Listen to your body

A simple (but not necessarily easy) place to start is to listen to your body’s response to what you eat, both the content and the quantity. Let yourself hear what nutrition your body needs by letting the impulse for choosing food come from the belly not your mind. You can do this when looking in the fridge or cupboard to prepare food and in the shops when you buy food. Try this when you look at a menu in a restaurant – instead of thinking from a mind space, “Hmmm what do I want to eat?” Ask this question from your body, from your belly.
How about bringing deep listening into sex? Let your body’s desire and physical impulses guide you in sexual play rather than your mind’s ideas. Let yourself be taken into the unknown in sex, be a follower of your body’s urges and passions. This reawakens the body’s sensitivity and instincts. The more we listen to our own body the more we can actually tune into another’s body. Your lover will be thrilled in your ability to read and respond to their body.

3.Let your body listen to you, talk to it

Osho encourages us to be friends with our body. Friendship is a two-way experience; we give to the other and also take the other in. So it’s important to both listen to our body and to also talk to our body!
This is best done is a setting where you have time and space to drop into a relaxed, dreamy state. Now allow yourself to sense what part of your body or bodily experience you’d like to speak to. Then opening to the forces of your imagination and intuition let this part awaken and enter a conscious dialogue with you. For example if I have a pain in my knee. I begin to dialogue with my knee and I may ask, “Tell me about this pain. It’s been troubling me and I want to be released from it”. Listen, allowing the knee to ‘speak’ which can be in words, pictures or sensations. Pain is often the voice of your body wanting more of your attention. Keep talking, enquiring, making friends, respecting and wishing to understand this part of you or your experience. Keep talking, this is a conversation, and most importantly ask for what you need from your body.
Be prepared to be surprised! The last time I spoke to my body this clearly, an energy of stagnation that had been protecting me became free. I had a very vivid experience of this energy transforming into a bright fiery dragon with a phoenix like desire to resurrect as a fiercely creative power in my life. I found myself releasing an incredible loud shriek and roar as the energy shifted and undulated my body. I’ll be sharing more on how this plays out in my world and work.

Roxana Hewett

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