Osho’s Quote : Good and Evil

“This is a great insight into true religiousness: Don’t divide into good and evil. Only divide into good and not-good. Not-good is only absence of awareness, and good is presence of awareness. Life becomes very simple, transformation becomes easy.

You need not torture yourself, because by torturing you cannot transform yourself. You need not stand on your head and do yoga postures, distorting your body this way and that way. If you are preparing for a circus, that is another thing, but if all these yoga practitioners reach heaven, then God must be surrounded by a continuous circus –all over paradise people are doing strange and distorting things…

Ego exists only in the dark corners of your being. When awareness is total, ego disappears. The ego has never been found by anyone who has been searching for it inside, with the light of awareness; it does not exist. Again, it is an absence, it is not an evil; ego is not-good, but it is not evil.



Ego means you have never turned towards your being, you have never seen your own inside, you have never brought your awareness to your interiority, to your subjectivity. Once you turn in, ego disappears…
First change that word, just call it not-good, and you have already made the first step of transformation. And remember, even the not-good can be used in such away that, rather than becoming a stumbling block, it becomes a stepping stone.
The wise man is one who uses everything that nature has given to him for creating something more beautiful. But the religions have not allowed humanity…. Rather than trying to make man one whole, they have made man scattered into pieces: that is your misery, that is your hell.
Just small changes can bring effects of tremendous importance. Drop the idea of evil completely from your minds; replace it by not-good – then the good is not very far a way. Just the “not” has to be dropped. Between evil and good there is no bridge; between not-good and good all that you have to do is to drop that “not.” The difference between an enlightened being and you is only the difference of that simple “not.” He is awake, you are asleep. To be awake is good, to be asleep is not!…
Everybody is good, more or less; there is nobody who is evil –it is just an invention of the priests to make you feel guilty, and then confess your guilt, so that even your dignity as a man, your pride as a man, is destroyed and you become vulnerable to be enslaved spiritually.
There are good people; there are a few others who are just a little farther away from the good, but coming close… There are only degrees of goodness –a few are more good, a few are less good, but everybody is good. Let this be one of the fundamental declarations: everybody is basically good, and evil is only an invention of crafty priests to exploit man.”

Osho – The Messiah, Vol 2, #11

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